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Quick Overview

  • Efficiently create an automated tailored email marketing campaign for several brands from a single window.
  • Seamlessly manually personalize every marketing email with Inbox.
  • Without even touching a line of code, you can easily build amazing newsletters.
  • Make eye-catchy newsletters, emails, easily with the drag and drop editor of the Inbox.
  • Similarly, also get in-depth accurate analysis reports from Inbox so that you can take a more accurate decision regarding your email marketing campaigns.
  • Inbox is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the small business and digital agencies who are looking to automate the email marketing campaigns, making it more effective and outreach from humanized.
  • Easily create your dream email marketing and newsletter that you always had dreamt of.

INBOX Lifetime Deal

A common question that arises in the mind of every digital creator is that “is email marketing still vital?” And the answer to this question is yes. Even though there are other techniques for digital marketing, email marketing is regarded as the most efficient one. This is because it enables you to stay in touch with your audience. With emails, you can keep your customers informed about your different products or services or new launches as well. And thus it will provide them with a feeling that you are always thinking about your customers. Furthermore, with email marketing, you can also reach your customers in real-time. An efficient design comprises the higher conversion rates and for this reason, email marketing is still popular.

However, to create efficient and seamless email marketing you would require the help of an email marketing campaign platform. The automated email marketing campaigns enable you to create seamless campaigns and also track them easily with the analysis report. With an efficient video marketing campaign platform like INBOX, your task becomes more hassle-free and seamless. Furthermore, even if you do not know coding, you can still create emails and newsletters from this platform with ease.


What is INBOX?

Inbox is a cloud-based email marketing platform that enables you to create personalized marketing emails and newsletters. It is a suitable app for every small business and digital marketer to build, track and analyze efficiently the performance of the email marketing campaign. It uses different metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe, bounce rates etc. With this platform, you can build amazing newsletters and emails without any knowledge about coding. You can simply use the drag and drop feature, buttons, menus, social links, etc. Furthermore, your task becomes much easier with the available templates, extensive photo gallery, modules, photo editor and inexhaustible storage for pictures and templates. Similarly, you can also enhance your subscriber list with the customized sign up form and share it on your website, email signature and social media.

Thus, this automated email marketing campaigns platform is simply the tool that provides you with the power to capture the world of digital marketing. Inbox also comprises the API based integration that enables users to run the email marketing process from the native application.



Above we have discussed Inbox and how it helps in automate email campaign workflows. Now let us have a brief look at the features of this email marketing campaign platform.

  • Even if you do not have any knowledge about coding then also you can use this platform to create efficient email marketing campaigns and newsletters.
  • Expand your audience with this platform. You can build landing pages, embedded forms, pop-ups, subscriber management etc.
  • Seamlessly personalize your email marketing campaigns with the advanced targeting features Inbox. And deliver the mails to each subscriber when it is the perfect time for them. You can also use its subscriber tagging for more efficiency in your email marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize the email marketing campaigns by testing, experimenting and streamlining your emails so that they can be as effective as per your requirement.


  • Enhance the metrics with the vital email marketing features such as auto resend, RSS campaign, A/B splitting test.
  • Get comprehensive and accurate analysis about the in automate email campaign workflows with ease and hence take appropriate decisions to enhance your campaign more effectively.


Thus, above we have discussed in detail this automated email marketing campaigns platform Inbox. It is an amazing platform that provides you with the power to create efficient email marketing campaigns and newsletters for your business with ease.

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  • Create automated email marketing campaigns so that you can send the appropriate message to the right subscriber at the appropriate time.
  • Get access to all the tools of Inbox without paying any extra payment.
  • Even if you do not know coding you can still create email marketing campaigns with ease.
  • Inbox is easy to use and also comprises smart features that would help to grow numerous businesses with email marketing.
  • Also, you can not only create email marketing campaigns but also track and analyze the performance of the campaign easily.
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