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Quick Overview

  • Securely store and share documents and pictures in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption
  • Alternative to: Tresorit and Sync
  • Access your information from anywhere, on any device
  • Best for: Photographers, finance teams, and solopreneurs who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive information

In this digital age, the safety and security of your data are of prime concern to everybody. Digital data consists of sensitive information, whether it’s related to your finances or personal life. And the theft or misuse of it can be extremely harmful and dangerous. That’s why it’s crucial to store all your essential data in a secure environment.

Many people prefer to store their data on a cloud service for easy access. But did you know that the most popular cloud services available can access and even use all your data? Platforms like Google Drive and DropBox have the permission to access your data and are guilty of it, as evident from many incidents.

Importance of reliable storage services:

At this point, it is necessary to understand why you need a reliable Cloud Storage service to store your sensitive data. Here are some of the top reasons:

Access data from any device at any time without relying on a single computer.
Easily create a backup option for your data ending your worries of data loss.
Save cost with a higher storage cloud rather than buying physical storage devices with lesser space.
Share data seamlessly without attaching multiple files in a single email.
Synchronize all your progress with cloud storage without manually updating the files.
Have a higher recovery rate with cloud storage because of the duplication of data.

What is Internxt?

By now, you must have understood the need for a cloud storage service that does not violate your privacy. Internxt is a one of its kind cloud service that has a high-end client encryption protocol. Their goal is to have Secure File Storage without compromising anyone’s privacy. Using Internxt, you can ensure that no one can access your data, including the cloud company. So your precious data will stay private unless you want to share it.

Top Features of Internxt Cloud Storage:

We are sure that after going through the need for dependable Cloud Storage and the working mechanism of Internxt, you must be curious about the service. Now let us understand how Internxt is a simple solution to your data storage needs.

Here are some of the features of Internxt Cloud Storage that make it unique:

Storage of data in different shards locations for higher security:
When you store your data on Internxt storage, your data gets broken into several different shards. These shards are then stored in multiple locations worldwide. You are the only person who has the key to access any of these files. This process ensures complete privacy and protection of your data.

Internxt Photos: Dedicated to store photos with more privacy:
Internxt also offers a service dedicated to the storage of photographs on cloud services. Internxt Photos provides a Secure File Storage service, especially for maintaining privacy while safely storing pictures on a cloud. This service is most beneficial for photographers, editors, and people in a similar profession.

Share your files with anyone without any information leak:
When it comes to sharing your precious information with anyone, you can do that in a much secure manner with Intenxt Send. The pattern of encryption in sharing of data is similar to the style of storage of your data. It will facilitate a Secure File Sharing medium without any third party gaining access to your files.

Available on both desktop, iOS, and Android devices:
Internxt is available on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing a seamless and Secure File Storage service to its users. You can access all your stored information from any device at any time very easily. Internxt has easy-to-use apps for all devices that have an auto-sync option saving all your worries.

To Conclude:

If you are looking for a trustworthy Cloud Storage service, then Internxt is the best choice for you. Loaded with great features and client-end encryption of data makes it hard for anyone to access it. You can easily access your stored files from any place, any time, by simply logging in to your account.

Internxt also allows a more Secure File Sharing that restricts sharing of the data with multiple unwanted parties. There is a free access option available for up to 10 GB of data. By availing of this offer, you can check out the different features of this Cloud Storage service.

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  • Secure file sharing
  • End-to-end encryption, including client-side encryption
  • Collaboration
  • Administration tools
  • Access to Drive, Photos, & Send
  • Automatic sync across all devices
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