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Quick Overview

Many enterprise applications need you to switch among half a dozen windows merely to access your inbox, team communications, active tasks, and calendars, making it difficult to stay productive.

  • Imagine if you can somehow eliminate all of the tab swiping and consolidate projects and team leadership features into a unified platform?
  • Jumppl is a contemporary task and team leadership model that supports chat, customer websites, schedules, and other features to keep your company busy.
  • Jumppl makes the work preparation, launch, administration, and execution exceedingly simple and quick for everybody involved by allowing your group to handle every task in one simple task management solution that puts it all together in one location.

Jumppl Lifetime Deal

Jumppl is a fully-featured system with built-in plugins. Jumppl is to serve organizations such as yours to get rid of numerous solutions and services. By combining all elements of efficient team organization into a single, convenient tool, you can help business teams preserve hours. Jumppl is a brand-new business planning solution that enables teams to operate the way they choose while saving time, cost, and labor. The attractive new customer gateway designs from Jumppl allow you to deliver a better encounter while still giving customers the accessibility they require. Jumppl allows you to keep track of time and activities, but it also allows you to create invoices. It provides the best digital workplace for team management.

What is Jummple

Jumppl promotes efficiency by effortlessly switching among projects and teams, allowing you to keep track of anything in one spot. Keep track of daily to-dos and allocate projects to business groups by utilizing contact forms for each assignment and customized ratings to add or change the status of activities. You may develop patterns for repetitive construction organizations and team structures, granting specified tasks, privileges, and accessibility to just those who require it. Choose from a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or worksheet view, enabling you to conduct computations and examine data types. Keep the messaging tool active while switching among panels on the system to ensure you don’t miss any messages. Alternatively, you may capture video messages using display recorders for crystal-clear conversation and save the clip as a project file.

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Communicate with customers via the client site, in which you can quickly chat with them or exchange tasks, comments, and files. With this client management platform, you can construct sophisticated work requests depending on your requirements inside customer websites, which will be instantly generated as jobs within the specific contract. Record attendance and hourly pay using the timesheet and absence tool, particularly useful for measuring distant or scattered employees. You will be able to organize your regular activities and responsibilities for your team using the Workload module and manage timescales graphically throughout all assignments.

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  • Cloud Storage & Files

For proposal discussions, Jumppl’s giving an explanation capability reduces the danger and time limits of interacting via Gmail through its project management tool.

  • Staff Monitoring

Closely Check Your Employees Keep track of how much time you spend on each activity and activity. The time and attendance module in Jumppl offers you a detailed picture of each employee’s productivity.

  • Invoices

Finally, provide a straightforward, smart, all-in-one platform for your fast-paced organizations to quickly handle paper production, modification, and verification with this digital workplace for team management.

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  • Calendars

The embedded calendars and mailbox in Calendar Jumppl keep you informed regarding your daily schedule and forthcoming obligations. So never miss another crucial date.

  • Attendance

Employee attendance is monitored and tracked on time using a stable and trustworthy technology. Reduce time and organize staff without doing any extra steps; stay in the loop with a 100% hands-free method.

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  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Jumppl’s CRM system enables all of the advertising, sales, document management, and customer care tools and connectors you’ll need. Each system offering is strong on its own, but when you combine them, the true magic occurs.



Jumppl brings all-in-one teamwork to new heights by allowing clients to use Jumppl’s client management platform feature to keep them satisfied and informed. Jumppl consumer portals make it simple to develop personalized client portals that provide your working groups and clients immediate access to each other. Customer portals from Jumppl enable your staff to deliver that extremely special white-glove treatment that every client appreciates.

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Jumppl is a flexible, robust project management solution that makes things simple for you.

  • With constructed connectors for projects, documents, and team leadership, the functionality chat module can work, including first and group interactions.
  • To keep your customers updated and delighted, set up a dedicated user site for them. Technological aspects, not hinder your entire workforce.
  • Jumppl enables more typical business functions, such as communications, project planning, and timesheets, to be more available to all users.
  • Keeping clear, easy communication throughout your entire team helps boost productivity. You can have first and team chats with Jumppl.
  • There will be no more back-and-forth among your communication and program management applications; instead, you will have simple, in-app communications whenever and wherever you need it.
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