KPIBees Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • KPIbees is a Google Sheets add-on. It automatically pulls data to spreadsheets in just a few clicks. It also can pull data from 20 other tools to Google spreadsheet.
  • No-code builders and marketing agencies seamlessly update spreadsheets using KPIBees.
  • It supports 21 amazing connectors. Such connectors are CSV, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights,Google Console, Oracle, Google Ads, Intercom, Web Scraper, Youtube, XML,IPstack etc.

KPIBees Lifetime Deal

What Is KPIBeep?:-

Initially we used to update our spreadsheets bybopening hundred tabs and transferring the data into the sheet. This was very troublesome. We had to spend hours copying and pasting data into the spreadsheet. But now KPIBees is there. You can easily import thousands of data into spreadsheets just by a few clicks. KPIBees is basically an add-on in Google Sheets that helps to pull data in just a few clicks automatically.

You can use it very easily. You have to open the KPIBee sidebar in the spreadsheet. Then select a sheet cell and create a query in that position. When the process is done, you can set them to refresh hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Some use cases ofb KPIBees are:-

  • Marketing agencies build ads dashboards. Then they share them with potential clients.
  • Some people provide updating database spreadsheet reports to others. They can do it by not giving access to the database.
  • Viewing API(JSON/XML) responds in a nicely formatted way.
  • Sometimes traders pull data from various stock APIs. Then they make informed decisions.
  • At last people use KPIBees to auto populate the data.

Spreadsheets are at the centre of a movement of living in a no code environment. Everybody is trying to do as much as possible with some resources. KPIBees is one of them. It keeps your data updated and helps you to do work faster.

FEATURES:-  Important features of KPIBees are below:-

  • After scraping data from websites using a web scraper you can keep spreadsheets in sync with them. It can retrieve tables, XPaths, and any website content.
  • Sometimes you may want to share database data with someone without giving access. Don’t worry. KPIbees is here. You can write queries directly in the spreadsheet and share them with anyone.
  • KPIBees offers help to connect Google Analytics, Google ads, Facebook ads, Facebook insights, and more for quick integration.
  • It will view any API directly in spreadsheet format. There is an interface called “Queries Interface”. You can easily check created queries.
  • There is a duplicate function through which you can create a similar query in another position and edit them.
  • The add-on sidebar helps to detect if your select cell has any queries. It makes a cinch to edit that particular query.
  • Setting refresh triggers for your spreadsheets is also very easy. You can do it by using the notifications and other data reference interfaces.
  • KPIBees is an automated marketing reporting platform. It reports everything automatically whenever you want. Thus support is quick and responsive.
  • If you have issues doing some tasks you can contact their customer anytime. The customer service of KPIBees is very good.
  • On multiple devices for all major platforms, you will have access to this platform from any device. You must use KPIBees.

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Plans and Pricing:-

Deal Terms:-

  • You can get lifetime access to the KPIBees Pro plan.
  • After purchasing you have to redeem your codes within 60 days.
  • All future profiles and updates are also available.
  • You can take up to a maximum of 10 codes.
  • GDPR compliance is also there.
  • New KPIBees users only will get those who don’t have prior accounts.
  • If you are not satisfied, a 60-day money-back guarantee is also available no matter what the reason is.

Features included in all plans:-

  • You get access to all integrations
  • You get access to all connections.
  • There are unlimited sheets that you can use.
  • Unlimited automatic reports are also available that will help you to grow and walk faster.
  • Unlimited templates will be available. You can customize everything according to your choice.
  • You can schedule hourly, weekly, and monthly automated refreshes.
  • Email and slack reports.
  • You can pull any API(JSON, XML, or CSV).

KPIBees offers a period deal that is priced at $59.00.


 In summary, KPIBees helps in Google sheets integrations, auto-populate data in Google sheets, automated marketing reporting, and powerful add on for Google sheets.

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  • KPIBees is the most effective software available in the market. It connects your spreadsheets to different sources.
  • It sets up refresh triggers timely to stay current. Supermetrics and Zapier are available in the market for Google Sheets but KPIBeep would be a great option.
  • You can use the “Manage Queries” interface to view and update created queries.
  • If you are no code tool builder for a marketing agency, you can use KPIBeep to connect data to spreadsheets.
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