Link Whisper Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Link Whisper is the comprehensive WordPress plugin that allows you to build unlimited links on your website.
  • With Link Whisper, you can add, edit, and delete links on all your old, current, and future content.
  • Link Whisper offers you automatic link suggestions based on the target keywords when you are writing an article.
  • Using Link Whisper, you can get a complete report on the performance of your links and website from the dashboard.
  • Link Whisper allows you to restore broken links and works for multiple websites offering link recommendations.

Link Whisper Lifetime Deal

Any content on the internet needs viewership which is you can garner through traffic. But for any website or site to draw organic traffic, you must rank high on search engine result pages or SERP. And to achieve this high score and appear in the earliest recommendations, there are a few SEO tips and techniques that you need to adopt.

Creating links between your web pages and connecting to the varied content on the internet, in general, is an effective way of attracting attention to your site. But how do you create these connections? What are the appropriate keywords you should use? Meet Link Whisper, the comprehensive tool that allows you to generate Smart Internal Links across your website.

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What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that will assist you in creating interactive and relevant internal links on your website. With Link Whisper, you can add multiple links to inter-connect all your online connect and derive high traffic and trust scores from search engines like Google. Using this tool, you can even add contextual internal links to your previous posts. There is also an option to add automatic links to your present and future posts by adding a URL of your choice and apply it across your website.

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Features of Link Whisper

We hope you have understood what Link Whisper is and why you need this tool to create unlimited links on your website. Now let’s go over the top features of this software that make it the Best WP Internal Linking Plugin.

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You can add, edit and remove internal links across your website:

Using Link Whisper, you can add endless Smart Internal Links to all your posts and blogs. You also get appropriate link recommendations for your content when writing your article to create a seamless flow of internal and external links in your content.

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Create automatic current and future connections using keywords:

Now you get the option to apply those to any past, present, and future content with Link Whisper. To attach relevant internal links to any desired keywords, you can use the Auto-Linking feature that automatically creates links across your entire website.

Fix broken links by replacing them with new and working addresses:

With Link Whisper, you can also discover and replace the old and broken links to form new connections throughout your pages and websites. You can add a new contextual internal link to a broken link or permanently remove your old and expired links.

Get the option to add internal and external links to your old content:

Now you can also boost the engagement and viewership of your past content by adding new links. With this tool, you can add internal and external links and recycle your old content. This feature alone proves why Link Whisper is the Best WP Internal Linking Plugin.

Receive the complete analytics from Google on your performance:

Link Whisper provides you with the best suggestions for your website and reports their performance by sharing traffic data from Google Search Console. This data allows you to study the performance of all your smart internal links from your dashboard.

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Get the best link suggestions based on your target keywords:

When you use Link Whisper to add connecting links, receive recommendations for the most relevant internal links using your keywords. Integration with Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and All in One SEO, allow you to find the perfect keywords and links all in one place.


We hope that this article introduced you to the ultimate tool to build contextual internal links. With Link Whisper, you can add links to both your new and old content, along with repairing all the broken internal and external links on your website. What’s more, you get automatic suggestions based on your keywords.

When you start using Link Whisper, you will get the complete statistics for your links from Google Search Console. The internal reporting feature offers an overview of your site and all links, making Link Whisper the Best WP Internal Linking Plugin.

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  • You have the option to add internal links to your previous posts and content.
  • Integration with optimization tools like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and All in One SEO.
  • Now you can receive recommendations for the best links based on your keywords.
  • Automatically generate links using the ‘Auto-Linking’ feature and save time.
  • Boost the engagement on your old posts by adding internal and external links.
  • Compatible with Guttenburg WordPress editors and all leading page builders.
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