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Quick Overview

  • A strong, reliable, and protected LinkedIn automation tool for outreaching and lead generation. 
  • Automating your prospection is possible through this software. 
  • Data extraction becomes easier than ever before. 
  • Perfect for: Anyone operating in the domain of outreaching, lead generation, and sales.

LinkHelp is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps streamline your website and LinkedIn profile concerning your connections. There’s further an automation characteristic that enables you to easily set up instant responses to the texts you get based on provided keywords. 

With LinkHelp automation software, you can readily like your targeted publications, engage with your network, follow comments, and increase your network with the help of targeted relationships.

Moreover, you can show your consideration and interest by recommending the particular skills of your friends and other network members. Other than that, congratulating your contacts for getting a new job for reaching a milestone off work anniversary is also possible. With the campaign analytics of the top LinkedIn automation tool, you can assess the activities of your profile and campaigns (daily, weekly, monthly).

The primary goal of this LinkedIn automation software is to help users automate their LinkedIn account with safety and simplicity. Simplicity and safety have been to exclusive adjectives that have prevailed within the development of this automation tool. 

Due to a super easy interface available to the users directly from LinkedIn, backed by intuitive features and pleasant design, this software can be considered as simple. When it comes to safety, various automation tools happen to be risky for LinkedIn accounts that is why this software guarantee security

How does LinkHelp guarantee security?

  • LinkHelp happens to be the exclusive extension that searches to be a human with total human behavior, also, there are real mouse movements, along with randomized time.
  • Users can utilize the LinkedIn API concerning all the features, and restrictions are set as per the status of the LinkedIn account (free or premium).

LinkHelp is the LinkedIn automation software that comes with a broad assortment of characteristics, and new characteristics are continuously being added to the community which the users are going to love.

Comprehensive Features: 

  1. Adding targeted connections: Invite lots of targeted clients to unite with you via your network. 
  2. Giving out targeted messages: Write personalized text and do campaigns to be shared with targeted traffic. 
  3. Collecting and extracting data (phone numbers, names, emails, etc.) from both the website and LinkedIn profile of your connections. 
  4. The state-of-the-art Automation feature: This feature facilitates you to set up instant responses to the texts you get as per the assigned keyword(s). 
  5. Liking: Like targeted publications or comments and expand your LinkedIn network.
  6. Following: Expand your LinkedIn network by keeping up with the latest information and following particularly targeted relationships. 
  7. Endorsing: Show your skills and interest by recommending the abilities of your buddies and members on the LinkedIn network. 
  8. Congratulating your connections: celebrate the work anniversary of your friends in your LinkedIn network or commemorate with them on hitting their dream job. 
  9. Campaign analytics: Analyze the activities of your profile from the dashboard of LinkHelp. 

With that being stated, LinkHelp guarantees the safety and protection of your LinkedIn account by recommending regular usage limits according to your LinkedIn subscription, thereby offering 24/7 dedicated support. It is referred to as a safe and trusted solution that follows the terms and conditions of LinkedIn.

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Comprehensive Features:

  • Adding targeted connections
  • Giving out targeted messages
  • Collecting and extracting data
  • The state-of-the-art Automation feature
  • Liking
  • Following
  • Endorsing
  • Congratulating your connections
  • Campaign analytics
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