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Quick Overview

  • Linkjoy is an online tool that will let you capitalize your social media following by converting them into customers.
  • With Linkjoy, you can create a personalized landing page for your Link in Bio with the pre-built templates.
  • Add sponsored links to all your posts on your Instagram grid with the Instagram Bio Link feature.
  • Linkjoy will offer you complete detail, showing you all the analytical data you may need to optimize your content.
  • Linkjoy integrates with essential online tools like Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adsense, and other CRM tools.

Linkjoy Lifetime Deal

The social media following of any online business will tell a great deal about their customer base. In most cases, it constitutes existing customers, potential customers along with employees, and acquaintances. But one must realize that your social media following will not define your sales.

From a business owner’s perspective, you should be able to convert as many of your online followers to paying customers to generate higher revenues. But how do you get around to accomplishing this task? It can start with something as subtle as creating an attractive landing page on your social media to prompt your visitors. Linkjoy is a Digital Presence tool that helps you successfully capitalize your social media traffic.

What is Linkjoy?

Linkjoy is an online tool that will help you create optimized social bio links prompting your customers to reach your website or domain through custom-made landing pages. You can choose pre-built templates to design the most suitable micro-landing page with your desired call to action. With Linkjoy, you can also get deep analytical data about your viewers, the clickthrough rate, and much more. From building a custom domain bio link to link retargeting with A/B testing, UTM parameters, and GDPR compliance, you can fully utilize your social media traffic to your benefit.

Features of Linkjoy

Now that we have explained what Linkjoy is, it’s time to share why you need it for creating optimized social bio links. Here are the top features of Linkjoy that will help you correctly utilize your social media traffic.

Create an optimized micro-landing page with the Link In Bio tool:

With Linkjoy, you can create a personalized landing page from your custom domain bio link. It will help customers see what you want to show them. You can either choose a design from the available templates to design your landing page.

Know what your viewers want from you with the in-depth analytics:

Linkjoy will offer you detailed analytics of all your links so that you can determine how they view your content and determine ways to optimize your content. Know your Digital Presence through these and find ways to capitalize it.

Build a clickable and optimized grid with the Instagram Bio Link:

With Linkjoy, you can also build an optimized landing page by adding links to all your Instagram posts. These optimized social bio links could be both related to your brand or sponsored content for advertising.

Linkjoy 1

Link retargeting feature allows you to run ads with shortened links:

Linkjoy also offers link retargeting features that enable you to identify, analyze and retarget audiences through custom domain bio links. You can avail of A/B testing, UTM parameters, GDRP compliance features to convert them into sales.

Integrate with unlimited apps and tools, including Google Analytics:

Linkjoy integrates with several online tools and apps to track your performance. Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Drive, Facebook, Hubspot, and more, you can accurately determine your Digital Presence.

Linkjoy 2

Track your links and analytics from the easy-to-use dashboard:

Linkjoy offers detailed analytics of your links with clickthrough and conversion rates. You can see how many people clicked on your optimized social bio links their location, time zone, device, and other essential details with their simplified dashboard.



We hope this article helped you find the perfect tool to utilize your social media following. With Linkjoy, you can build a custom domain bio link that will take your viewers to the page on your website. It could be a product sale page, preorder link, or even reviews for the product encouraging them to purchase on your site.

With Linkjoy, you can transfer your Instagram grid by linking products from your or any promotional brand to your posts. It will allow you to capitalize on your Digital Presence and generate greater returns on your investments. Get Linkjoy today and stop wasting away your social media traffic.

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  • Linkjoy lets you add custom micro-landing pages from your social media accounts.
  • Analyze your audience with the detailed data analytics features of Linkjoy.
  • Design a landing page with your desired call to action prompt of your choice.
  • Add any link to all your Instagram posts with the Instagram Bio Link tool.
  • Identify your audience and retarget them with A/B testing to boost your sales.
  • Get detailed analytics for every single post you make on your social media accounts.
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