Linvo – Plus Exclusive Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • LINVO is the most secured and strong LinkedIn automation tool that will help the user to produce more leads, sales, and build your network automatically.
  • This app works the same way as the autopilot mode works in airplanes that it functions without the operator’s help.
  • This app allows LinkedIn influencers to build a massive customer base by constructing smart message flows and creating more leads on LinkedIn by itself.
  • This online platform is specially designed for marketers where the users can send the requests for making a connection and build powerful campaigns with automated reply options.
  • LINVO is very easy to use as every feature and tool of this app is present on the front and because of that, the user doesn’t need to search for anything.
  • While using this app the user can schedule everything, keep a record of it in his calendar, and edit and measure it according to the requirement.

Linvo – Plus Exclusive Lifetime Deal

For a marketing and sales specialist, one of the most important tools is LinkedIn which is a dynamic online platform and is very difficult to manage. And most of the LinkedIn users that are marketing and salesperson don’t have adequate time and resources to make effective use of LinkedIn and due to that, they miss out on valuable leads and opportunities. LINVO is a self-operating and intelligent app to design attractive presentations in a very less amount of time and produce more leads inside your decks. By adding and using these extra lead generation forms in your deck and connecting your custom domain with them the user can capture leads from everywhere. LINVO assists the users in using and generating the best lead generation tools which in turn will further enhance the reach of the LinkedIn users. A new exclusive version of LINVO has launched some time ago with more and enhanced features which are available for app sumo plus members. It almost takes 5 minutes to build the workflow.



  • This app has a special feature named pods with the help of which the user will get more likes on his LinkedIn post and that too from real users.

Linvo Plus Exclusive Lifetime Deal

  • LINVO is a better alternative option to annex cloud, MEDALLIA EXPERIENCE, delighted, Zen desk, and churn zero as it provides a user-friendly environment and works smoothly in comparison to others.
  • It is the most safest and powerful tool available on LinkedIn which aids the users to generate leads and sales and that too automatically.


  • This app allows the user to send customized connection requests automatically and in addition to that provides the option of follow-up email flows and a lot more.
  • Also, the user is no longer required to check his other profiles by visiting every single profile’s dashboard as LINVO supports multiple profiles from a single dashboard and due to it the number of connection requests sent by a user in a day is no longer limited to 20 requests.


  • ZAPIER integration and others are supported by LINVO and also everything can be sent directly to the user’s CRM.
  • This app is fully automatic; the user just has to complete the setup of his thing for the day and forget. The user can also engage with the existing connections in addition to new ones.


LINVO is the safest LinkedIn automation tool in the world as it provides a dedicated internet protocol address for each account. This app is a perfect example of artificial intelligence and due to that, this machine is built in such a way that will help the user in targeting the right audience. This app allows the user to add up as many follow-up messages as per the requirements. To stimulate human behavior LINVO has set the limit of a maximum of 80 actions that can be performed by a user using a single LinkedIn account in one day.

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  • LINVO is best for B2B business organizations, sales representatives, agencies, and recruiters.
  • LINVO has a special feature named drag and drops campaign builder which makes the setting up of campaigns a lot easier.
  • This app allows the users to export their connections to comma-separated values (CSV) files. And this thing can be outstanding for outsourcing jobs and the sales team.
  • Once a person gets connected to it, the user gets the private emails of people who can be used for drip campaigns.
  • Also after connection requests are being sent automatically to the target audience selected the user (LinkedIn influencers or marketers) can, at any time, can easily select and filter the characteristics of an ideal customer.
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