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Quick Overview

  • LiveWebinar is a live streaming platform that allows you to conduct virtual meetings, webinars, and more.
  • With LiveWebinar, you can customize your virtual layout using over 1500+ personalizable elements.
  • LiveWebinar enables you to alter your event background by blurring or replacing it with a virtual one.
  • Using LiveWebinar, you can always stay connected with your audience through chats and emoji reactions.
  • LiveWebinar integrates with multiple tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Mailchimp, Slack, and Moodle.

LiveWebinar Lifetime Deal

Today, thanks to technology and the internet, there is a solution for all your needs and desires. Have difficulty in understanding any concept at school? Avail of online tuition. Don’t have the motivation to go to the gym? Workout from home following an online course. Want to learn cooking from an expert? Subscribe to their online cooking course. Want to connect with your entire audience? Use an online live streaming platform.

We know what you might be thinking. Most of the live streaming and conferencing apps have a complicated or monotonous interface. The issues range from a boring layout to ineffective communication mediums, storage options, and much more. But what if we shared a cloud-based solution with high customization options. Say hello to LiveWebinar!

What is LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is a New Platform for Webinars that allows users to conduct online conferences, meetings, and other social events. This virtual conferencing tool also records and stores high-definition recordings for all your online summits. With LiveWebinar, you can even capture videos, edit them by adding intros and outros and share them with your audience. This live video streaming platform offers you unlimited customization options to help you find the best layout. Collect audience feedback on your content with chats that can translate into over 100 languages. You can create agendas that allow you to personalize your event information. Anyone looking forward to designing attractive and entertaining virtual meetings should switch to LiveWebinar today!


Features of LiveWebinar

We hope that you gained a good idea about LiveWebinar and how this tool can benefit you in multiple ways. Now is the time to understand the top advantages of using this Online Meeting Software. Here are the most notable features of LiveWebinar:


Conduct live streaming events or capture videos using this multi-tasking tool:

With this New Platform for Webinars for live streaming, you can choose to connect with your audience through different mediums. You can pick between webinars, meetings, conferences and even record your social meetups.


Record and edit video to create HD recordings and broadcast them anywhere:

Along with live streaming alternatives, LiveWebinar gives you the option to create evergreen content in the form of pre-recorded videos. With this cloud-based solution, pick any layout of your choice and record a video for viewers.


Choose from different templates for every occasion by customizing them:

Using LiveWebinar, you have the freedom to choose any layout of your choice. This live video streaming tool allows you to build custom templates for every occasion. Select the default template or design a new one every time.


Store all your essential data in one place with double encrypted storage:

LiveWebinar enables you to store your online files and data securely on your cloud. The double encryption feature of this Online Meeting Software ensures the safety of your sensitive information keeping it protected all the time.


Interact with your audience using group and private chats during any event:

With LiveWebinar, you can stay connected with your audience and viewers using various communication channels. Use the group or personal chats of this New Platform for Webinars or collect user opinions with forms and polls.


Customize your videos and layouts to stay consistent with your brand aesthetic:

LiveWebinar offers you a highly customizable interface that offers unlimited possibilities. With this cloud-based solution for virtual streaming, brand your content by adding logos, colors, and backgrounds to maintain consistency.


We hope that going through this article helped you have found a new and all-inclusive live video streaming platform. With LiveWebinar, you can either conduct a virtual event or webinar or pre-record and edit a video. When you use this streaming platform, maintain consistency around your brand using the branding feature to add your logo, colors, and more.

Using LiveWebinar, you can always stay connected with your audience and know how they feel about your content, thanks to the emoji user reaction for your audio and video. Your search for the perfect Online Meeting Software ends today with LiveWebinar. Get this multi-functioning tool for all your virtual meetups.

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  • Now share documents and files with your audience using chat or private messages.
  • The double encryption feature of LiveWebinar ensures that your data stays protected.
  • You can also broadcast your content on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Record and edit HD-quality videos by adding your watermark and logos to them.
  • Get audience opinions through polls and forms and use the safe for dedicated marketing.
  • Engage in a group or private chat with a chat translator for over 100+ languages.
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