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Quick Overview

  • LoopedIn is an online communication tool for businesses to help collect and deliver information to customers.
  • With LoopedIn, you can receive ideas from both your team and customers for further development.
  • LoopedIn develops a roadmap for every suggestion you approve and with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Looped’s sentiment analysis feature shares the audience’s reaction to updates with you automatically.
  • With Loopedin, now customize your widgets to match your style with the whiteboarding options.

LoopedIn Lifetime Deal

For any business to succeed, communication with your audience is an essential factor. Through effective interactions, you can identify what the customer expects from your company, feedback on your existing products and services, and discover advanced strategies for your business. But what’s the best mode of communicating with your audience?

From emails to messaging through various social media, there are tons of options for you. However, if you are looking for a unified solution to get ideas, share announcements, and collect feedback, we have the perfect tool for you. LoopedIn is a comprehensive tool that lets you achieve better customer engagement.

What is LoopedIn?

LoopedIn is an online tool that facilitates you collect customer feedback, ideas, build roadmaps and update your consumers about updates and more. With LoopedIn, you can receive and manage all suggestions with idea boards. Plans that you want to implement get detailed with roadmaps to plan proper execution. After completion, share it with your customers using the updates feature and customize the message using emojis. Use LoopedIn to manage online customer feedback and enhance your customer satisfaction.

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Features of LoopedIn

We hope you learned everything about LoopedIn and how this powerful tool can communicate with your customers and build embed beautiful roadmaps. Here are the top features of LoopedIn that make it a necessity for every online business.

LoopedIn lets you collect ideas from your customers using Ideaboards:

With LoopedIn, you can receive and manage new ideas for your business from your team or customers. Create better customer engagement by accepting, editing, and developing any idea obtained from your audience and improve your business operations.

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Convert your ideas into Roadmaps to build achievable business goals:

LoopedIn lets you work on your projects by developing organized roadmaps or kanban boards for each plan. You can make your embed beautiful roadmaps public or private with a drag and drop intuitive, whiteboarding, and more customization options.

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LoopedIn’s changelog feature lets you make announcements easily:

With LoopedIn, you can always Keep Your Customers In The Loop using the updates and announcements section. From product features, releases to the latest news, share every update with your audience in eye-catching customized posts complete with cute emojis and pins.

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Know what the customer wants from you by creating Feedback Boards:

LoopedIn lets you collect and manage online customer feedback with feedback boards. LoopedIn even organizes all the relevant information in an orderly manner to help you respond to all the customer concerns and questions quickly and accurately.

Customize how your Roadmaps and Sidebar Widgets look to the public:

Along with providing better means to collect customer feedback, LoopedIn also lets you manage how your roadmaps and sidebar widgets appear. You can customize how they look to your audience on the dashboard. You can also embed these widgets in various ways.

Sentiment Analysis and User Segmentation for better communication:

LoopedIn lets you auto-analyze how your audience’s feedback to observe their reactions. Achieve better customer engagement with user segmentation to target their desired notifications and updates through email and more.


We are sure that through this article, you found an effective tool for communicating with your audience. With LoopedIn, you can always Keep Your Customers In The Loop by sending them constant and relevant updates related to your business. With multiple features to collect ideas and feedback, you now know what your audience wants.

LoopedIn has organized idea boards, embed beautiful roadmaps, and informative feedback boards that facilitate quick and easy communication. Now you can create and share updates by editing the auto-generated draft and add emojis and pins to them. Start using LoopedIn to create two-way interactions between you and your customers.

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  • Create unlimited roadmaps, ideas, and feedback boards for your business.
  • Customize your roadmap by adding, moving, or deleting columns from it.
  • You have the option to display your approved ideas through a public board.
  • Embed the sidebar and roadmap widgets on your website as well as apps.
  • Use user segmentation to deliver relevant posts based on their preferences.
  • Give your customers the option to share their feedback by staying anonymous.
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