LOVO Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • LOVO allows you to create wholesome and natural voiceovers swiftly. You get access to human-like voiceovers with text-to-speech competence.
  • You can create natural-sounding AI voiceover in more than 180 voices that too in 34 different languages. You also get complete commercial rights of the voiceovers without any difficulty.
  • It allows you to customize the pronunciations according to various dialects. It also enables you to add emphasis on different word sounds and insert pauses. You can also control its speed.
  • Various e-learning course providers, as well as marketers, are popularly using LOVO. YouTubers and other content creators also use LOVO to add voiceovers in their videos.
  • It helps you to discover and make use of the most appropriate voice for your video content.

LOVO Lifetime Deal

Voiceovers you can make your web content lively and high-spirited. With the help of LOVO, the best free text to speech online software, you do not require the assistance of professional voiceover actors or expensive robots for this purpose. It allows you to create and customize superior quality voiceovers and text-to-speech. The interface is smooth and hassle-free. It allows you to create and recreate the voiceovers unlimited times. You can also download the same files infinitely. You can do all this by following a simple process of three steps, that is, TYPE, CONVERT, and PLAY.

What is LOVO?

LOVO is a futuristic & next-generation synthetic speech platform that assists you in creating voiceovers and text-to-speech. It is an umbrella tool that has all the qualities which make it fit for e-learning, content creations, marketing, and entertainment purposes. It helps you to create voiceovers in various languages and accents.

LOVO provides you a large range of natural & human-like voices to choose from. It helps the business houses in launching their brands with ease in foreign regions where people use different languages and dialects. You can easily alter the tempo, change the pronunciations, emphasize various words, and add pauses to make the content natural and livelier.


Features of LOVO

  • LOVO allows you to edit the pronunciations of various words as per your needs. You can make bulk edits to the voiceovers at a single time as it saves a lot of time and reduces the chances of errors. You can do this by simply adding the correct pronunciation and spellings of a word and the editor will rectify the changes throughout the audio.


  • You can also choose how the natural-sounding AI voiceover pronounces a particular phrase or sentence. This makes your content original, trustworthy, and more alive.
  • It allows you to manage all your clients from a single dashboard where all your audio files and their relating data are in order and well run.


  • You get free access to all 34 languages and more than 180 voices. LOVO constantly keeps on adding new voices, languages, and dialects to your dashboard so that you can update your voiceovers if there is any need.
  • You can simply add your script or screenplay into the workspace by typing. It also enables you to upload a file that contains the text.


LOVO enables you to create superior quality voiceovers and text-to-speech for your web content. It is a cost-effective means to create audios as you will not need any expensive robots or voiceover actors to narrate your script. It also provides you with the commercial right of the voice so that you can freely use it for any promotional or other commercial purposes.

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  • It provides easy navigation and selection from more than 180 voices. You can scrutinize these voices from more than 34 languages based on age, gender, scenario, character, language, and dialect.
  • LOVO provides you unlimited access to the Listening and Sharing of audio files. You can redevelop any voiceover infinite times to meet your expectations.
  • Your co-workers or partners can also help you in choosing the right voice for your text as LOVO allows you to share the voiceovers with an unlimited number of people. You can send it via e-mail, or share it through different social media platforms, or simply share the link with your friends. It also allows you to get and insightful feedback from your co-workers while you are editing the voiceover.
  • You can slow down or fasten the speed of the speech as per your requirement. You can add pauses or emphasize a particular word to create a more dramatic effect on your content.
  • LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform that also allows you to add soundtracks to your voiceovers and other video content. You can choose these audios from your computer or any other online application.
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