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Quick Overview

  • Marble is an online course creation platform that helps educators create interactive learning courses for their users.
  • With Marble, you can create bite-sized classes using existing online content for a quick learning experience.
  • Marble allows you to share your programs with your users via email or send links without any login requirement.
  • Using Marble, you can create countless online courses with an option to make your classes public or private.
  • Marble offers analytics about programs and lessons, users, and the overall performance of your academy.

Marble Lifetime Deal

If you are a teacher or educator, now you can start your custom online teaching program and earn an income, thanks to the internet. All you need to do is find a suitable platform that allows individual tutors, create your profile, and start adding classes and programs for your students. However, the actual process of setting up an online teaching course is way different.

It is a complicated and time-consuming journey that can often leave you feeling frustrated because of the lengthy process involved. But wouldn’t you love it if there was a quick way of starting your digital academy that only takes minutes? Meet Marble, your one-stop solution to creating interactive online courses with a few clicks.

What is Marble?

Marble is an online digital marketing course platform that allows anyone to start their teaching course with minimal effort. Using Marble, you can pick a suitable theme for your course, customize it by adding your business logo and colors and start connecting your online resources to build a program for your users. With Marble, create engaging micro-courses to share bite-sized learning knowledge that is quick to understand and remember. This online course creation platform offers you complete analytics for individual courses and overall academic performance, sharing everything you need to know to improve your customer experience.


Features of Marble

We hope that you have understood what Marble is and how this tool can assist you in creating a digital academy for your customers and users. Now let’s go through some of the top features of Marble to see why you should start using it for your online courses.


Picking an appropriate theme and add your logo to get started:

Getting started on building your online digital marketing course is quick and effortless. All you need to do is pick a theme from professionally designed templates, add your brand logo to it, and you are ready to launch your online learning program.


Create your courses by connecting existing material on the internet:

Once you have set up a profile on Marble, start building your courses using previously created and published content. With this online course creation platform, you can use content like videos, long-form text, PDFs, quizzes, and other embedded resources.


Share your academy content using email and link invitations:

After creating your teaching programs, the next step is to deliver them to your users. With Marble, you can choose between sending the invites via emails or share links for your digital academy with your new and existing customers.


Offer public or private classes with multi-stage learning options:

Marble allows you to offer different online courses, such as public, restricted, and hidden learning courses. This online digital marketing course service also gives users the option to choose between different levels of learning to find a comfortable pace.


You can also issue completion certificates for your courses:

Once users complete any course or program on Marble, you can even assign the certificates of completion. Using this online course creation platform, you can also track user performance and collect feedback based on their activity within your academy.


Get full analytics for every program and user on your academy:

Marble will also offer you a complete statistical breakdown for every aspect of your digital academy. Your analytics will share everything from individual user performance, courses completed, to a comparison between different programs, helping you determine what is working best for you.



We hope through this article, you have found the ultimate solution to create your online digital marketing course. With Marble, you can enjoy advanced features that guide you in building interactive online classes with a few clicks. What’s more, you don’t need to learn any coding or designing to start your online academy.

Using Marble, choose a theme of your choice, add your brand logo, and you are ready to go. Connect different course material on the internet and share them with your users and customers via links or emails. You also have access to the complete analytics for your academy. With Marble, creating your online course creation platform has never been easier.

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  • Add a calendar widget at the end of your course, allowing users to connect with you.
  • You can use Marble to offer easy-to-understand online courses in multiple languages.
  • Leading companies like Sixhands and UBiqube use Marble for employee training.
  • Users can view all your lessons in a single view with the simplified and clean dashboard.
  • Collaborate with other creators on Marble to offer informative courses to your users.
  • Avoid information overload with bite-sized classes that users can complete in minutes.
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