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You might have come across some customers who are not pretty certain about optional products. Stop losing them now and assist them in choosing your product easily. Here comes Marquiz online quizzes for digital marketing. With this software you can launch unattractive quiz marketing campaign in pretty easy and simple steps. You simply need to ask some questions for discovering the real needs of your visitors.

Other than that, you need to show them the most suitable offer according to their choices. This Quiz Marketing software can help you recommend products and add numerous call to action buttons for linking clients to attractive products or page based on which the quiz result they receive. Apart from that, you can also at phone numbers capture emails including social media profiles, thereby redirecting to your chosen link.

Marquiz Lifetime Deal: Marquiz Quiz Marketing software allows you to build online quizzes in only 15 minutes for you to capture qualified leads, thereby recommending the perfect services or products.

If you have ever left any website due to numerous options available and you did not know which was the perfect one for you, this guide will help you choose one. If you cannot choose the right software for products your leads are going to do the same as they have no idea about your products and what sense it makes to them.

If you are looking for a guy that leads to the best offers along with online quizzes that leverage their responses, hence bringing you the perfect customers, this guide is for you. By utilising online quiz features, you can now make things easier for you and your customer.

About Marquiz

Quizzes always do not need to be regarding Harry Potter and their characters for capturing the the attention of the audiences and also being beneficial.

Digital Marketing Quiz

Digital Marketing Quizzes online has got a new address with this software. There are numerous Quiz Templates and Examples that can help you pick from 11 kinds of quiz questions and assist your audience to understand their demands. Apart from that you can also use images, number ranges, emojis, text answers and options to learn more regarding your audience while they get to know more about themselves.

Digital Marketing Quiz can be very beneficial for your brand and in this case the relevant happens to be the key to effective marketing. It is something that you can achieve by using Marquiz as it provides you with the necessary tools to ensure that your quiz adapts to your audience’s answers.

Quiz Templates and Examples

Features of Marquiz

Centralized metadata management backed by:

  • Data lineage
  • Data governance
  • Data health
  • Data discovery + exploration
  • Precise and highly dimensional data model
  • Jobs
  • Datasets
  • Easily obtain metadata with the help of an opinionated Metadata API
  • There are Datasets as first-class values
  • The Enforcement of job and dataset ownership is available
  • Simple design and operation with minimal dependencies

RESTful API that enables sophisticated integrations combined with additional systems:

  • Airflow
  • Amundsen
  • Dagster


Marquiz is developed to win over your audiences by understanding what they need so that you can create a product according to their choices and their demands. It is intended to promote a suitable data ecosystem where organisational teams can easily share safely, hence depending on other data sets as well.

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  • It helps develop a quiz in short 15 minutes and makes it easy to publish on your website or with the help of a short link with a personalized opt-in form.
  • Alternative to: Jotform, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey
  • Helps in mapping results to the responses of users and easily reveals them after or before the lead form incorporating product recommendations as well.
  • Best for: Social media marketing teams and Digital marketers who look forward to capturing more expert leads with quizzes
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