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Quick Overview

  • Mastera is an online video teaching platform that allows anyone to host virtual classes, programs, and subscription services.
  • With Mastera, you can customize your website to your heart’s desire, thanks to the fully white-labeling features.
  • Mastera allows you to set up a class from Zoom or other video streaming platforms or use pre-recorded videos.
  • Using Mastera, you can create flexible plans and subscriptions for your members and enjoy recurring payments.
  • Mastera allows you to market your content through email and SMS campaigns to boost your viewership and income.

Mastera Lifetime Deal

Thanks to the internet and social media, anyone with unique talents and skillsets can make a living online. There has been a significant rise in new career opportunities, and online teaching is one of them. If you are good at dancing, drawing, cooking, or anything else, you can share your knowledge and expertise with others and earn money while doing that.

However, this job is not as easy as it seems. Effectively setting up and running an online class comes with its own set of problems. But not anymore, as we are here to introduce you to the ultimate Online Teaching Video Platform that manages everything from class creation to payment collection from a single platform.

What is Mastera?

Mastera is an all-in-one teaching platform that allows you to create your unique online classes, programs, and more. With this online tool, you can effectively create attractive courses, share your content in engaging ways, collect payment from your members, and communicate with them, all from one dashboard. With Mastera, you conduct virtual classes using Zoom or even use pre-recorded videos for your content. With recurring payments and automated processing, Mastera adeptly manages your income from subscriptions. You can also customize your website to match your brand aesthetics.

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Features of Mastera

Now that we have explained what Mastera is and how you can use this live classes online app, it’s time to learn why you need this tool in your life. Here are the top features of Mastera that you need to know before making a purchase:

Use Mastera to deliver online classes, programs, and subscriptions:

Mastera gives you the option to host virtual classes, subscription courses, and other video content sharing opportunities. You have the freedom to choose your desired mode and even deliver On-Demand Video Content to your members at an additional cost.


Setting up a course and directly send the join link to your students:

With Mastera, setting up a new course or program is easy and takes just a few minutes. You can use this Online Teaching Video Platform to create classes that have drop-in access along with repeating sessions. Schedule everything to your liking with few simple clicks.

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Get the option to host your session through Zoom or other tools:

Using Mastera, you can conduct your online classes either through Zoom or other video streaming platforms. With this all-in-one teaching platform, you can also use pre-recorded videos for your teaching course and share them with your members and subscribers.


Recurring payment option enables automatic payment collection:

Once you have set up your programs on Mastera, payment generation and management are quick and uncomplicated. This tool collects repeating payments from your members subscribed to your virtual classes and even calculates shipping, taxes, and other details.

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Communicate easily with your members using the Mastera’s inbox:

Mastera has multiple options for you to reach and communicate with your audience. This online teaching tool lets you create and share On-Demand Video Content, receive emails from your website visitors and members, and advertise using email and SMS.

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White-labelling makes your Mastera website fully customizable:

Using Mastera, you can personalize your website to look however you like. With 100% white-labeling, you can add your logo, brand colors, CTA, and more to your website. This live classes online app even lets you customize your existing website and domain.



We hope that reading this article has helped you find the perfect online teaching platform. With Mastera, you have complete control over your website and the offered classes and programs. Mastera is beyond an Online Teaching Video Platform thanks to its features like white labeling and the option to sell digital and physical products from your shop.

Mastera is an all-in-one teaching platform that allows you to manage everything from creating online classes to effectively marketing them and collecting customer feedback through email and SMS. Using Mastera, you don’t have to worry about revenue collection. This automated tool covers everything from taxes, shipping to recurring payments.

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  • Create unlimited classes and offer them to endless students with Mastera.
  • Get a storage capacity of 100 GB to store your old and new video content.
  • You can also sell merchandise, course material, and more from your online shop.
  • Now create and sell any videos from your online course using Mastera.
  • With Mastera, you can also design on-demand videos with premium payments.
  • Mastera integrates your email and SMS to keep in tune with your customers.
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