Mega Creator Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Graphic designing has never been so important to utilize your marketing efforts. And if you are someone who is struggling to create high-quality designs for his brand, then you haven’t come across this amazing online graphic app.
  • If you are not comfortable creating your own design, Mega Creator has thousands of pre-designed templates for you. You can change those templates according to your requirements.
  • Finding high-quality stock images, presentations, and blogs to create is an intimidating process. And creating an eye-catching design out of it is a bigger challenge. With the use of this top graphic design software, the process has become super easy.
  • Now you can easily convey your brand’s story with astonishing ready to use graphic templates.
  • Mega Creator is the best alternative to Canva or Snappa, which people have been looking for.

Mega Creator Lifetime Deal

What is Mega Creator

Mega Creator is an online DIY graphic editor that can help you create top-notch designs and eye-catching clipart using high-quality stock images, illustrations, AI-generated faces, and backgrounds. It also provides ready-to-use templates for different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The best part of Mega Creator is that you do not require to have high graphic designing skills to create astonishing designs. Now you do not have to purchase expensive software like Illustrator and Photoshop to create designs that people love.

Features of Mega Creator

Mega Creator is one of the most versatile graphic designing apps. It has all the key features a graphic designer requires to create a great design. Here are some key features that you would never like to miss.

Mega Creator 3

  • The mega creator has inherited all the key features of its parent companies Vector Creators and Photo Creators. Then it added all the new functionalities. Thus, it provides more creative opportunities to the designers.
  • It has thousands of vector illustrations created by the top Dribble artists.

Mega Creator 2

  • Easily customizable all platform templates to create eye-catching designs for different requirements.
  • They have introduced background removing features for uploaded photos.

Mega Creator 1

  • Advanced search filters to search relevant stock images easily. Mega Creator has also introduced Ai-powered suggestions for similar photos and illustrations. This has enhanced the overall navigating process.
  • This online graphic app provides a smart platform to create beautiful visuals using Ai-generated faces, Icons, Illustrations, and Stock images. You can also create mixed illustrations and picture collages.
  • Provides a vast library of 170,000+ icons in 35+ different styles to choose from.
  • Photo backgrounds and vector backgrounds both are available.

Mega Creator 4

  • Create brand new illustrations and characters using several customizations options that match your brand identity.
  • Drag and drop option to facilitate your overall designing process. Pick up the elements you like and drop them onto the canvas. It is that simple.

Plans and Pricing

There are three types of plans available for Mega Creator. The names of these packages are License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. They come with three different facilities. These are available at a one-time purchase of $59, $119, and $199. Features available in these plans are all the same. The difference comes in the number of assets.

You get a total of 100 assets for a month in License Tier 1. The amount increases to 250 assets in License Tier 2. In License Tier 3 you will get 500 assets per month.

Besides the available features, you will have lifetime access to Mega Creator and all the future-plan updates.


Mega Creator contains all the advanced graphic designing features that a graphic designer can ever require. It also doesn’t demand any designing skills. You can easily create eye-catching designs for your brand using this online DIY graphic editor and upload them to different social media platforms.

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  • Mega Creator, the online DIY graphic editor, is loved by bloggers, social media marketers, web designers who require easily customized solutions.
  • It has a library where you can find over 800,000+ excellent pictures and illustrations. The illustrations are available both in 2D and 3D in 70+ unique styles. You can access everything you need to create designs that grab your customers’ attention.
  • Mega Creator has also developed hundreds of templates for specific social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You just have to choose it. Then edit it with a few clicks. And then you have it. It is that simple.
  • The library provides pictures of animals, people, backgrounds, etc. You can combine them and create something of your own. These pictures were wisely taken in the same environment like distance and lighting. Mega creator ensures all the pictures can go fine with one another.
  • The Mega Creator library is also equipped with over 100,000+ cutouts from professional stock images. It helps you produce graphics that look original.
  • With the help of little imagination, you can create unrecognizable designs from simple elements very easily in Mega Creator.
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