My Brand New Logo Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • My Brand New Logo is the best logo maker app that ensures a splendid quality of the business logo
  • It offers special features like smart shapes along with sleek and classy styles to help you create a logo design that stands out of the box.
  • You can always save your favorite logo in the account free of cost and the other benefits also can be availed in a lifetime. However, for downloading the logo, you will have to spend your credit.
  • You get numerous chances to design your logo and make use of all the features in the dashboard till you satisfy yourself with the type of logo that you need for your business.

My Brand New Logo Lifetime Deal

If you are new in the business world or wish to revamp your brand’s story from scratch, you must realize that you need some excellent work for your brand’s logo. Your logo is something that will stay with you for a long time and hence, people should be able to recognize and associate with it. While designing one, turning to the free logo design app is an appreciable move. My Brand New Logo, as the name suggests, is an easy and convenient tool that lends you a helping hand to adjust and design your logo as per the requirements. The application provides you with various plans and benefits that help in making the best logo that suits your website and business in the best possible way.


  • My Brand New Logo offers logo files of an excellent quality belonging to high-resolution
  • With this application, you can get your hands on scalable logos, as well as, print-ready
  • You have the option of creating the brand logo by making use of multiple color variants
  • Also, if you wish to enhance the text readability as a part of your logo, this application provides you with the feature of using the multiple size variants
  • You have all the copyright to enjoy the design rights of your business logo so that no one copies your design and idea
  • The credits rendered by this logo maker online are enjoyable for a lifetime.

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Plans and Benefits

The available 3 plans are License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. These plans can be purchased at the convenience of the buyer’s needs and budget. These plans are available for a higher price in general. However, if you are going for a one-time purchase, you can purchase and use them for $39, $79, and $129 respectively. Also, the number of logos that can be designed in the plans are 250, 500, and 1000 in number, respectively. However, all the features will be the same in all the 3 plans. The deal terms include the following:

My Brand New Logo 2

  • You get to enjoy lifetime access to the professional package plan that has been purchased by you
  • There are no codes or stacking. All you need to do is choose the plan that fits your demand and budget the most.
  • Make sure that you are activating the license within 60 days from the date of purchase
  • You get all the updates related to the future professional package plan with this best logo maker
  • You can both upgrade and downgrade amongst the license tiers whenever required
  • You have the advantage of a money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • The deal term is inclusive of the GDPR compliant

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Both a new venture and a mushrooming business understand the power of a relatable and good logo. And the best logos are none other than versatile. My Brand New Logo is the best app for making logos. From presenting the right sizes and using the applicable logo variants, this tool has a lot to offer to your logo uniqueness. From the plans and deal terms, you get a lot of advantages like plan up-gradation whenever you feel like it. Also, you have the opportunity to ask for a money-back if the plan does not suit you. This application aces competition by generating a crisp logo that fits the need perfectly.

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  • My Brand New Logo helps in creating beautiful color gradients on basis of the color that the user chooses.
  • With this automatic logo maker, you can ensure unique designing of your logo as the application never uses the same templates or color mixes and schemes
  • Even though the tools will be perfect for you to ace as a designer, you get to enjoy the control of all of them.
  • You can easily make changes and diversifications to the colors, shapes, and icons used for designing the logo as per your liking and preference.
  • With the help of this tool, you can make sure of harmony working of all the design elements that find a place in your designed brand logo.
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