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Quick Overview

  • Nifty is an all-inclusive app that lets you communicate, collaborate, and coordinate within your organization.
  • With this tool, you can import your data from apps like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Wrike.
  • Nifty helps you work efficiently by managing all your projects and breaking them down into simple tasks.
  • As a manager, you get to evaluate the performance of every team member and the duties assigned to them.
  • The My Tasks tab of Nifty gives you a quick summary of your completed and pending tasks related to each project.

Nifty Lifetime Deal

Working online has presented us with many advantages, but it still has its own set of difficulties and obstacles. Being remote creates some coordination challenges between the different members of an organization. To overcome these miscommunications and disorganization issues, companies use various apps and tools.

But the issue is still not completely solved as one needs to install several different softwares for each purpose. It can result in a heavy loss of time and energy, switching between them constantly. But what if we told you there is a comprehensive work manager on the market that lets you do everything with one app. Say hello to Nifty, your all-inclusive productivity tool.

What is Nifty?

Nifty is a collaborative software that allows you to manage projects, tasks, and communications for higher productivity. With this tool, you can keep better track of all your projects from a single dashboard. Nifty can integrate with more than 1000 websites, platforms, and softwares, including Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Asana, Zoom, and many more. With this work manager, you can keep track of the performance of each member of your team. With features like milestones, tasks, and time tracking, you can ensure that all your projects are well managed and finished well before time.

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Features of Nifty

Now that we have explained to you what Nifty is and how this multitasking tool works, it’s time to share more reasons why you need it in your life. Here are the top features of this project management app that will allow you to work faster and efficiently.

Nifty brings all your communication apps under one roof:

With this work management tool, you can multitask as all your interactive and collaborative features combine into one efficient app. Using Nifty, you don’t have to use several different apps as its comprehensive features have a solution for all your needs.

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Breakdown your projects into small milestones and tasks:

Nifty lets you manage projects, tasks, and communication channels. It segments your projects into milestones and further divides those into individual tasks. Upon completion of these, the progress gets automatically updated.


You can integrate with over 1000 plus platforms with Nifty:

You can enjoy unlimited integrations on Nifty, ranging from Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Sheets to Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox. With this work manager, get support from Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, JIRA, Trello, and Wrike to work seamlessly.

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Get a glance at the performance of all your employees:

Nifty lets you evaluate the performance of each member and see the completion of tasks time or if they become overdue. This Project Management also lets you manage the workload of every team member, both currently and in the future.

Assign tasks to your team and send personalized notifications:

After Nifty breaks down your project into small tasks that you can allocate to your team members. This work management tool also allows you to give the charge and send specific notifications to your particular employees related to their duties.

Collaborate effortlessly through shared documents and files:

Now you can manage projects, tasks, and communications with Nifty to save your time. You can also coordinate your workload with shared documents and files. You can access previously sent records under the Files tab on the dashboard.


We hope this article helped you know everything about the excellent Project Management tool that Nifty is. With the detailed breakdown of each project into milestones, and tasks you can ensure that you work on them in small steps. With an option to assign these to different members, you can effectively keep track of their progress.

Nifty also has integrations with loads of essential websites and portals such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zoom so that you can work without any interruptions. Along with being a work management tool, Nifty is also great for communication between the team members and clients. With Nifty, manage your tasks, projects, and everything with a single dashboard.

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  • Nifty has a Zoom integration to let you start a conference with your team in seconds.
  • You can use this app on iOS and Android mobiles along with Windows and Mac devices.
  • Nifty also has a document tool along with integration to Google Docs and Drive.
  • You can use Nifty in English, French, Spanish, German, among other languages.
  • Leading companies like IBM, Verizon, Periscope Data, Loreal, and NYU use Nifty.
  • You get the option to choose from ten different plans based on your operations.
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