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Quick Overview

  • Use isolated workspaces with nested folders, tags, and access permissions, plus advanced docs that let you embed what you need
  • Alternative to: Evernote and Loom
  • Add branding to internal and public pages, as well as video recordings, screenshots, and annotations
  • Best for: Project managers, marketers, and creative teams looking to organize and collaborate on all their documents and info

Introducing Nimbus Note

We have more and more problems remembering the large number of things we have to do during the day, and it is not surprising because we live in the information age, and with the passage of time, we are handling larger amounts of data than our own. To solve this problem, Note making app arise, which allow us to quickly write down information and have it accessible so that we do not forget a single task that we have to do.

There are many notepad applications for Android, but they are not all the same. There are very simple ones, more suitable for quick notes, and complex ones, for when you need to write down something with greater precision or detail.

So now surely you want to know about which app is the best for note taking, and then read below about Nimbus Note.

Nimbus Note is one of the best note taking app. Nimbus Note can be used to store your thoughts, lectures, web pages, cooking recipes, and other different types of information. Quick synchronization will allow you to have access to your information anytime, anywhere in the world. Nimbus Note will make sure that you never forget or lose valuable information.


 Nimbus Note – software with many qualities

 To name some of the features made available to you by Nimbus Note, you will have, among other things, the possibility of taking advantage of Task management, Shared documents, and Publishing and sharing of content, necessary to better understand its work, for this type of activity. Nimbus note provides updates to provide you with a task management solution that is always on top. You will only have to connect to the internet, and your software will be accessible via the software as a service model. Practical, it is the Nimbus note editor that takes care of your information and the storage of SaaS.

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Advantages of Nimbus Note

  • This Best note taking app for students allows you to insert tables, images, numbered or bulleted lists, and audio notes and record videos.
  • All your notes are, of course, synchronized between your different devices with the possibility of being able to edit them in the web interface of the service easily.
  • You can classify them and assign them to tags and notes to quickly identify them and not forget them, thanks to the Todo function.
  • Another function also exists to capture entire or partial pages that you can integrate into your Nimbus account.
  • Nimbus Notes allows you to customize the first screen. You can configure it to show all notes, folders, tags, a folder of your choice, or your favorite notes. In Nimbus Notes, you are stuck with all the notes.

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Finally, note that Nimbus Note has several plans with a free version containing an upload restriction of 100 MB per month and 10 MB of attachments.

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Integration with extensions, APIs & third-party software with Nimbus Note

This software in the clouds (cloud computing on demand) can easily be integrated into other applications as well as plugins, modules, and APIs (application programming interface), for example, to synchronize computer data.

Compatibility, Security & Data Location: This cloud software is compatible with various operating systems and devices, particularly android, iOS – iphone, and iPad. However, it is regularly updated to provide new features as well as security patches. On top of that, you also get a web version and Chrome and Opera extensions.

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  • Nimbus Note is particularly recommended for different sectors of activity as well as for different professions
  • This professional software is used in particular by SME companies
  • Creation of databases
  • Document creation is easy with this software
  • Project management
  • Task management make it easy by using this software
  • Presentation tools
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