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Quick Overview

  • It is an excellent and very reliable SERP monitoring tool that will help you meet all your digital marketing needs. This application is nothing less than huge support that helps you keep a track of the SEO keywords on the custom schedules.
  • Any user can gain great benefits of tracking the performance of more keywords and hence, create a solid overview of the overall SERP landscape that exists amongst the digital industry.
  • The digital world is home to many SEO tracker tools but Nozzle is a bit different. With Nozzle, you have the advantage of monitoring your entire business brand inclusive of all the social media profiles followed by a series of unlimited domain matches.
  • With this application, you can save all your data for an unlimited time and also see the previous results, anytime you like, in the future.

Nozzle Lifetime Deal

In a digitally dependent world like today, SEO ranking and SERP is going to help your online venture to a great extent. If you have a habit of using various kinds of rank trackers to reach your SEO goals but are bored of the same, Nozzle’s got your back in the best way.

The nozzle is a SERP monitoring tool that functions in the form of a current rank tracker. Using this tool provides you with access to all kinds of data that is related to the keywords that have a specific use and connection with your brand.

Using this application is a convenient and fulfilling experience. The user can supervise any of the domains that he/she owns, all social media accounts, pages, followed by the content that is a part of the YouTube video, as well. The nozzle further enables you to have a look at the SERP data for all the guest posts that make it to famous pages like Twitter, Quora, and Pinterest, in the form of tweets, press releases, and answers.

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Features of Nozzle

  • The nozzle is a one-of-a-kind SEO monitoring tool. It is the only search engine position tool that helps in offering flexibility and schedules that are based on real-time. There is no need to pay a hefty amount to keep your keywords on track. Instead, you can use this tool and opt for keyword splitting in a huge number of scheduling buckets.
  • Monitoring your keywords daily, hourly, monthly is possible by scheduling them in a similar manner. Make sure you are not breaking the flow as it might disrupt the process.

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  • The feature of data availability can help you with jackpot information of pixel heights, click-to-call phone numbers, ad-adjusted ranks, and much more.
  • With the agency tools, you have the right to manage segment teams, clients, aggregated views, and bulk keyword management. Also, you can add a series of unlimited users by paying no extra cost for the same.

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  • The data portables are accessible and portable through a series of providers and exportable data types available.

Plans and Pricing

The nozzle is an SEO keyword rank tracker tool that is available in 4 major plan forms. These are the basic plan, the advanced plan, the pro followed by the pro plus. The customer has the option of either opting for the monthly payment plan or the annual payment plan.


  Monthly Annual
Basic $59 inclusive of 10,000 pulls $49 for 10,000 pulls


$119 inclusive of 21,000 pulls $99 inclusive of 21,000 pulls
Pro $299 inclusive of 60,000 pulls $249 inclusive of 60,000 pulls
Pro Plus $599 inclusive of 130,000 pulls $499 inclusive of 130,000 pulls

For all 4 plans, the user will have to pay $5.88, $5.66, $4.98, $4.61 for the respective plans for every 1,000 pulls. The user has the advantage to have a free trial and make the plan choice based on the experience and requirement.

All these plans are inclusive of advantages like brand tracking, competition analysis, scheduling, monitoring, and much more. Usually, the annual advanced plan inclusive of 21,000 pulls is the ideal plan.


This current rank tracker helps you have a better hand at your competitors. This application helps you have a crisp understanding of all the important keywords on a frequent scale. Nozzle puts the user in a better place by helping the user have a look at the marketing strategy by watching over the results of the SERP presence of your brand.

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  • One of the best things about using Nozzle is that it acts as a platform that helps you get the insights related to the use of keywords.
  • Also, this SEO keyword rank tracker tool helps the user to learn about the keywords that ride high on priority and further, help you with the rank fluctuations.
  • With this tool, you can help your businesses’ performance and respond to the keywords by making the correct kind of SEO adjustments much before in competition, and have a better ranking stand with the search results.
  • You can also discover and keep a close check on all the SERP competitors and also identify the loopholes to pour in your SEO efforts towards them.
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