Ocoya Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Ocoya is an All-in-One content marketing platform that can help you pick a template from the editor field with more than 10,000 templates to pick from and use it for your social media campaigns.
  • This is one of the best content marketing tools that can help you schedule and create content, analyze and run your campaigns, all in one place.
  • Ocoya can help step up your content marketing game where you can create graphics with more than 10000 editors and templates.
  • It can also help you with social media automation where you can visually overview and plan your campaigns to gradually grow your audience.

Ocoya Lifetime Deal

Ocoya is a social media automation platform that can help you utilize images additional with words for captivating your audience and growing your following. Termed as the beast of content marketing, you can distribute optimize and create content on a daily basis for keeping your audience and gauged and the rankings of your search engine high.


This application can help you with all these tasks so that you can concentrate and give more time to what actually matters. Now is the time to tell great stories that are likely to resonate with your audience. Ocoya, being an All-in-One content marketing platform, helps you discover ideal graphics for your campaigns thereby helping you generate superior copy in seconds.

This application also helps you schedule your post ahead of time to help you save time and receive real-time analytics on their performance. When it comes to content production, this application takes care of all your needs.


About Ocoya

Ocoya is one of the best content marketing tools that can easily help you keep your social media profiles engaging with professional-looking graphics that you can easily generate in seconds. There are thousands of images and templates that can help your social media look-alike like your brand due to artificial intelligence.

There are many options for trending captions and hashtags that can help you readily generate copies, quotes, trending hashtags, product announcements for keeping up with the latest trends. You can generate it all by simply scanning the images. There are also options for automatic Scheduling throughout channels.



  • Automatic Scheduling: This feature helps you make the most of the social media networks so that you can readily schedule your post at any time. It mainly intends to help you plan your social media marketing campaigns effectively in no time.
  • Graphics: The graphics feature can help you produce creatives in seconds. You can pick from thousands of beautiful templates and pictures. When it comes to e-commerce, you can simply connect your store and import your products.
  • Timeline: With this option, you can easily send your post sinus and easily to each of your favorite social media platforms. Scheduling them is also easy as you can analyze the performance and you will be suggested optimum times.
  • Performance: You can keep a track of the essential KPIs so that you can stay on top of your social media campaigns. Most importantly, you will be presented with automatic suggestions to enhance further on.


  • Texts: You can easily generate captions and hashtags specific to your social media campaign for optimizing traction. Pick from an unlimited number of hashtags and captions generated particularly to your service or product.
  • Social integrations: Organize and integrate numerous social media accounts and easily manage their connectivity with just one click.
  • Multiple accounts: This feature helps you publish your social media posts at the most optimal times for maximizing the outreach concerning your audience.


  • Templates and editor: This feature helps you use the in-house editor loaded with more than 10000 templates for you to pick from and utilize in your social media campaigns.
  • E-commerce: The E-Commerce dedicated marketing platform eliminates the hassle of developing social media content. You can just import your products and get the promotional campaign running in minutes.
  • Maximizing conversions: Readily track all the important KPIs for determining your conversion cycle. Carry out retargeting for securing those potential customers who already have shown interest earlier.

Wrapping Up

This all-in-one content marketing platform can help multiple content providers to search content easily and quickly particularly when it comes to providing services and selling particular digital products. If you are looking forward to checking out the latest advancements of social media campaigns, make sure to grab this deal as it can help your business grow in leaps and bounds.

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  • An all-in-one content marketing platform that assists you to discover the perfect graphic concerning your campaigns and generate an AI-powered copy within seconds.
  • It helps you save your time and effort and get real-time analytics on how well your content performs.
  • This application takes care of each of your content production requirements from inception to finish.
  • Best for small businesses looking forward to a complete content marketing solution that saves time and resources.
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