Optinly Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Optinly offers its users freedom to optimize and customize their pop-ups
  • It helps create pop up campaigns or custom pop up so that you can target specific users which would, in turn, give you a larger return on interest. 
  • It provides integration with 15+ ESP and webhooks
  • Use it for applications, e-commerce, startups, SaaS, publishers, blogs,
  • business, or personal sites
  • It offers full-time customer support through Optinly’s website 

Optinly Lifetime Deal- It is the best way to create pop up campaigns, fully customized for your goals and based on target user engagement. Ranging pop up for ecommerce to pop for personal use. 

Optinly gives its users the freedom to customize their pop ups based on their requirements i.e. lead generation, polls, website conversions, etc, and target audience. It is a growth-focused pop up plugin that is very easy to use, no more hardcore coding! You don’t need to hire a professional pop up designer anymore. Are you ready to make your custom pop up?

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Types of Pop Ups offered:

  • Exit Intent Pop ups: Use these types of pop ups at the last minute when the customer/visitor is about to abandon your website. The usual content includes discounts or reminders about the item they have saved in their carts.
  • Floating Pop Ups: We understand that pop ups that disrupt the customers/visitors don’t play well which is why Floating Pop Ups are among the most used types of pop ups. They are completely non-obtrusive and stay on the side of the screen throughout while scrolling. Use them to give out important notifications or announcements. 
  • Fullscreen Overlay Pop ups: Ever feel that your visitors or target audience is too busy that they are not even paying attention? It is the type of pop up ad, which grabs the attention by exhibiting a full-screen display containing notifications, discounts, etc.
  • Gamification Pop ups: Who doesn’t want to play mini-games while scrolling the Internet? Gamification pop ups engage their users into mini-games to the point they get intrigued to check out the content on the actual webpage. 
  • Notification Pop ups: Just like mobile notifications, these pop ups grab the instant attention of your users/visitors notifying them of new additions to your collections, or about people who recently bought from your website, etc.
  • Timed Delay Pop ups: These are the commonly used smart pop ups that pop at the right time as and when required. They effectively convey messages or important announcements at the right time.

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Read ahead to get to know how your online business can benefit from optinly and its customizable as well as templated pop ups.

How can your business benefit from Optinly:

  • Attention: Attention-grabbing is an important aspect for online businesses and to do this, you have to provide the right information at the right time and the Optinly pop ups help you with that.
  • Conversion rate: Pop ups help increase conversion rates for a website. Giving your visitors options to choose from or actions that might interest them can do wonders for that conversion rate.
  • Collect Feedback: Going blindfolded into a fight is always going to serve as a disadvantage. It’s always a good practice to collect feedback from your users because sometimes they end up recommending stuff that might work to your advantage and it gives you an idea about what your customers feel about your business and how you can improve it.
  • Promotions: Got a discount offer going on which is going to increase sales? But how would it increase sales if the people who are prospective buyers don’t know about it? Pop ups help you transfer information about offers and discounts so that your customers can utilize it to their advantage which in turn benefits your business.
  • Survey: These let you get more aware of how the people who are constant customers to your website perceive your website. It gives you insight into why they are loyal to you or what they expect of you.
  • Grow Email List: Pop ups for email signups would register user email IDs for your newsletters. That would, in turn, make your customer base aware of what your company is up to or when is the upcoming sale going to start, or just general information transfer that you want to put out.

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You get a variety of plans (License Tier 1, License Tier 2, License Tier 3) to choose from but many beneficial features are common to all. The amount varies based on how many sites you automate Optinly pop ups on.

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  • Paid plans provide access to over 60+ templates
  • Use a free trial for 1 website before buying premium sub
  • Easy to use and customize, no coding required
  • The current version comes with an advanced feature
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Advanced traffic targeting
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