PHPTRAVELS Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • PHPTRAVELS refers to an online reservations solution that serves travel companies from 50 Nations across four continents.
  • This travel technology company is powered by more than 70 suppliers across hotels, cars, flights, vacations, sightseeing, and other ground services.
  • PHPTRAVELS refers to an online travel agency that helps in strong distribution capabilities and automating travel business processes.
  • PHPTRAVELS also helps access an extensive range of travel suppliers.

PHPTRAVELS Lifetime Deal

PHPTRAVELS is an online reservations solution that helps users enjoy a tailor-made experience, thereby browsing the travel portal. This application helps you boost Your travel business with technology. Being a leading trip booking software, you get to experience the best of your trip plans with this online travel agency.

The software is designed for the online booking and travel industry suitable for the rentals of hotel owners, tour operators, travel agencies, rental cars, villas, bungalows, apartments, restaurants, and rooms of all sizes. Some of the significant features include payment gateways, booking engines, multi-currency support, content management, multi-language support, newsletters, integrations and reviews, and social connections.

The content management system of this application allows users to edit, remove and add pages and files by utilizing the admin panel. The booking engine happens to be customizable and incorporates invoicing, reports and billing. The system happens to support significant payment gateways including PayPal, Maestro, Visa, and others.



PHPTRAVELS is a travel technology company that comes with a complete newsletter management module and enables users to send unlimited newsletters by customization. The reviews module of this application assists users to manage the reviews including approving and editing reviews.

When it comes to customer support, their response from time to time, and is one of the best features for travel agencies. There are numerous features to suit the needs of your company and it happens to be customizable. If you are in the early stages of your business, the developers can help you with the necessary support required with inspiring confidence and trust.

This online travel agency is not only a resource-hungry platform with lots of features, but it is an All-in-One application that is easily customizable with the possibilities of API integration. When it comes to the time of payment, you get to agree for all and there is an ease of use and value for money. It is a quick and fast software and lots of people are likely to engage quickly as it is easy to handle and the new upgrades are faster and you can avail it at the best price.

This online reservations solution is fantastic as it can help you reduce your work and help in quick delivery as well. If you are looking for a simple design, then this web application happens to be excellent.



  • Responsive design: The responsive themes for a seamless user experience helps by maintaining a steady look and feel of your website throughout devices.
  • Flexible: With streamlined technology, this application provides you with an unprecedented level of control as it is easy to understand and manage and is user-friendly.
  • Security: This application takes security seriously to encourage responsible disclosure by researchers.
  • Multilingual: The online travel application provides you with the ability to edit customize your add any language according to your requirements.


  • Customizations: It is a powerful and flexible templating engine with various built-in options that enables you to entirely customize the system according to your needs.
  • Payment gateways: There are lots of payment gateways that support major e payments for powering your customers with hassle-free payments.
  • Support: There is an expert and dedicated support team that helps you communicate in real-time 24/7.
  • 100% open source: This travel technology company is developed by using advanced technologies with HMVC coding patterns.


Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of this travel platform, make sure to narrow down the best features of the software for your organization and reach out to the experts. What are you waiting for? Grab the deal as soon as possible before anyone else gets to apply the same on their website. It can help you automate your travel business processes with a powerful back-office system and flexible content management system along with unique and standardized features for every element in your website. Grab the deal now!!

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  • PHPTRAVELS is one of those online travel services that help you offer your customers the best travel experience online in a snapshot with easier and quicker access to all products.
  • PHPTRAVELS is a travel specialist that helps in developing complete end-to-end web solutions concerning the travel industry by providing technology that delivers.
  • This travel technology company helps you start your online travel agency by selling hotel rooms, tour packages, flight tickets, car transfers, and much more hassle-free.
  • The online travel agency offers the most cutting-edge online booking solutions.
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