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Quick Overview

  • Pictory is an AI-powered video creation and editing tool that lets you create short clips from long videos.
  • With Pictory, you can also edit your content by removing unwanted parts and filler dialogues from your videos.
  • The AI algorithm will automatically highlight vital sections of your videos for highlights for your review.
  • With Pictory, you can also create videos based on textual content and add fitting images and videos to them.
  • Pictory allows you to personalize your videos by adding logos, intros, outros, stickers and voiceovers.

Pictory Lifetime Deal

Videos are an integral part of our communication cycles in our everyday life with video conferencing, online videos, seminars, interviews and more. These can be fun and interactive for a while, but the longer the video length, the harder it becomes to keep track of information. While video recording lets you capture all these essential data, going through a two-hour recording is not fun.

And this process becomes even more time-consuming and dull when you need to go through the same information several times. But what if we share a tool that will divide your lengthy videos into bite-sized clips. And what if you could add subtitles, logos, music, and other elements to these videos. Sounds interesting? Then meet Pictory, your new video creation tool online friend.

What is Pictory?

Pictory is a video editing tool that allows you to create short social videos from long video recordings. The AI will automatically highlight texts based on the algorithm, and you can decide if that’s the text you want to use or even change it. Pictory also offers video editing features with simple commands. You can remove the unwanted text from the video transcript, and Pictory will edit out the parts that you deleted. With the smart AI solution, you can also create videos base on texts from blogs and articles.


Features of Pictory

Now that we have shared what Pictory is and the brief working of this video creation tool online solution, it’s time to learn its features. Here are some of the top reasons that you need this video editing and transcribing application in your life.

Pictory 1

Create small videos and highlight clips from lengthy video recordings:

With Pictory, you can break down long video recordings, podcasts, and interviews into short social videos. You can then share these videos within your team or on your website and social media accounts.

Pictory 3

Generate a transcript for your video and add subtitles to your new videos:

When you upload your video to Pictory, the smart AI solution will generate a transcript for you. You can review it for errors or inconsistencies. Similarly, add subtitles to your new videos automatically.Pictory 2

Edit your videos by changing the transcription to remove unwanted parts:

You can also edit your videos with Pictory in a few simple steps. With this video creation tool, online video editing is as easy as editing the transcript. Remove the unwanted text, and Pictory will do the rest for you.

Add intros, outros, logo, bumpers, images, music and voiceover to your videos:

Apart from creating your shorter videos, you can also personalize them to match your brand. Include your logo, stickers, bumpers, images, along with custom intros and outros to every short social video you create.

Pictory 4

Create video from scratch based purely on textual content in your desired format:

Pictory allows you to create new videos with just textual inputs. The smart AI solution will let you choose everything from video layout, overlay images, and videos along with music or voiceover for the video.


We hope this article helped you find software that allows you to create short social videos from lengthy and tiresome videos. With Pictory, you can say goodbye to watching long videos and keeping track of time stamps. Pictory lets you edit any video form into bite-size clips that are easy to watch and share.

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  • With Pictory, you can save time by editing out unwanted parts out of your videos.
  • Pictory will generate short videos that are easy to share on social media platforms.
  • Automatically generate videos highlights with the AI-based algorithm.
  • Customize your videos with logos, stickers, images, intros, outros and more.
  • With Pictory, save your time by generating an automatic transcript and editing it.
  • Leading companies across the world, including Microsoft and Apptio, use Pictory.
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