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Quick Overview

  • Play. ht is an online digital platform that creates text to speech voiceovers for blog and video posts which in turn will boost accessibility and audience reach.
  • This software will help the user to get rid of all the equalizers, microphones, and editing formalities and get high-quality audio of the written content.
  • Play. ht helps its users in creating the desired audio by automatically coping up with natural-sounding elements and at the same time, a very little amount of effort is required on the part of the user.
  • This platform not only allows its users to use some of the best AI VOICES but also provides its users some advanced tools like podcast hosting, embedded audio players, audio sharing, and email subscribers which in turn will help the business to grow by using audio.
  • Play. ht allows its users to instantly create clear and professional voiceovers for videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, and more.

PLAY. HT Lifetime Deal

Play. ht is an online digital platform that converts the written content into voiceovers. As a lot of people in the modern era spend more time on listening rather than reading. So by creating voiceovers by using more than 500 realistic AI voices and that too in more than 60 languages it almost doubles the reach potential of the user. After creating the voiceovers of the written content either the user can upload it on different podcasts channels or can download it in mp3 or Wav format. It’s like that the content written by the user has found a new comfortable home with millions of active listeners. The user can manage all his audio files and podcast hosting with help of a user-friendly dashboard of play. ht. It has fully customized and white labeled audio players to embed the audio in your blogs, learning courses, and websites and increase the accessibility of content, page metrics time, and engagement of users. Play. ht gives its users full commercial and broadcast rights to use the audios in their projects. It also provides its users with an automated podcasting solution to distribute their respective audio as podcasts on different platforms which in turn is a powerful feature to increase the content reach.


  • ht allows its users to download the voiceovers recorded by the user in mp3 or Wav format without prescribing any limits. And also provides the users with a library of pronunciations to customize how certain words should be pronounced. And can further save and re-use them in future voiceovers.

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  • It is known as the best-in-class text-to-speech editor which makes it very easy for the user to create and edit voiceovers. All the SSML features are supported by it like pauses, voice inflections, and tones. Additionally, the user can also if he wants can use multiple voices at a time and create a voiceover similar to a conversation.

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  • ht has many inbuilt speech styles and tones that suit a specific purpose like customer support, cheerful, emphatic, conversational, and formal. It also gives its users access to a developing library that contains more than 600 AI voices in 60 languages from IBM Watson, Amazon Polly, and Microsoft azure.


Play. ht is an online platform that allows the audience to convert text-based content to audio and can also edit for tone, pronunciation, and pause for natural narration. It provides its users with features like standard voices, speech styles, and unlimited previews and downloads, audio analytics, audio player, podcasting solutions and premium AI voices.

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  • Play. ht is a digital platform that allows its users to create clear and professional voiceovers and the user can also download, embed, and distribute his audio in high-quality mp3 or WAV formats.
  • Play. ht is a better alternative option to trinity audio and Read2me as it provides more number of AI voices and that too in different languages.
  • This software is best for video creators, educators, bloggers, and marketers who are constantly looking for transforming their written content into voiceovers.
  • It can instantly create voiceovers from the text that sounds professional and uses about 570+ realistic AI voices in more than 60 languages.
  • The AI voices are used by play. ht doesn’t sound like beep robot sounds but is specially powered by machine learning to sound natural.
  • Play. ht provides its user with a special feature where he can also edit his audio for pronunciation, tone, rate, and emphasis to ensure a smooth listening experience.
  • It also has a podcast hosting feature by using which the user to publish his podcast to all major platforms. And after that, he can submit his new podcast to iTunes, SPOTIFY, and Google podcasts.
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