Plutio Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Plutio is a comprehensive business management tool that allows you to manage your projects, proposals, invoices, and more.
  • With Plutio, you can automatically create and send invoices to your clients with your brand logo in your preferred currency.
  • Plutio’s customized dashboards feature lets you impress your customers with the best content and real-time graphs.
  • Now you can also create impressive proposals and also make them legally binding by adding digital signatures.
  • Plutio also has effective mediums for communication with a feature-rich inbox, chat widget, and other CRM tools.

Plutio Lifetime Deal

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, you know the struggle for keeping your workflow organized and well-structured. From lack of disorganization to procrastination, there are so many obstacles that hinder your productivity. To get rid of these issues, most people use online apps and tools to help their productivity.

But the problem with these is that every software has its own set of limitations. Most apps have limited usage, and to completely manage the entire workflow, you must use several tools at once. But the problem is that your time goes by juggling these apps rather than getting any work done. But what if there was a project management software that does it all? Meet Plutio, your new workflow organizer and business management tool.

What is Plutio?

Plutio is an intuitive platform that caters to all your business needs through a single dashboard. With this tool, your productivity will spike like never before, as it has every feature you need to conduct your business efficiently. From creating proposals, managing projects, creating tasks, and preparing invoices, Plutio does it all. You can also build interactive and customizable dashboards to impress your clients with their high-quality content, captivating infographics, and metrics for performance evaluation.


Features of Plutio

Now that we have understood what Plutio and how this business management platform performs, it’s time to know why you need this tool in your life. Here are the top features of Plutio that make it an indispensable tool for small businesses and freelancers.

Plutio manages your projects by creating detailed tasks for each:

With this business management platform, you can streamline your workflow by creating task boards for individual projects and formulate tasks. You can also add due dates, images, and attachments for each one.


Collect information through well-built forms and surveys:

Plutio lets you collect information such as audience and customer feedback through their responsive forms and surveys. This intuitive platform gives you the option to choose from pre-designed templates for your layouts.


Manage invoices with automatic creation and payment system:

With Plutio, you can create invoices based on your client’s payment schedule, such as one-time payments, multiple payments, and recurring billing. This project management software also informs you every time the client opens it.

Plutio creates attractive proposals to impress your clients:

Creating impressive proposals to woo your clients is now made easy with Plutio’s drag and drop proposal builder. Just like their customizable dashboards, you can design proposals with videos and HTML and add digital signatures to them.Plutio4

Keep track of time with the built-in time tracking feature:

Time tracking and efficient time management are another virtue of this business management platform. You can edit, download and even print the timesheet to keep track of time. Build high time productivity for your team with Plutio.

Take your communication to the next level with Plutio:

Communication within your team and with your clients is made efficient with Plutio. This intuitive platform offers multiple modes such as chat features accessible on mobile and desktop, inbox syncing with third party emails like Gmail, Outlook, and more.


We hope that we introduced you to a productivity booster and workflow management tool through this article. With this project management software, you don’t need any other app, as it caters to your every need. Plutio does everything from organizing projects and planning tasks to sending invoices and accepting your payments.

Using Plutio, you not only can manage your work more efficiently, but the customizable dashboards allow you to change the colors to match your brand aesthetics. You can now impress new clients with its proposal that can include videos and HTML. Get Plutio today, and be prepared to skyrocket your performance.

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  • Forbes ranked Plutio among the top ten management tools for freelancers.
  • You can integrate with Zapier, Stripe, Paypal, Google Calendar, and other apps.
  • With Plutio, add your logo to your invoice to make them professional-looking.
  • The white branding feature lets you brand your page as per your desired colors.
  • Plutio is the perfect solution for freelancers, teams, and project managers.
  • With ten different plan options, you can choose the optimum plan for your needs.
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