POWR Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

POWR is one of the top plugins to grow your business. You can utilise a suite of customizable website apps for capturing contact data and optimise website conversions readily with the help of this application. Everything in this application ranging from pop-ups, reviews, apps, forms and more happens to be intended to assist in collecting contacts and meet additional sales, readily and seamlessly on your website. The best part about this application is that there is no coding necessary for working.

This is an affordable ECommerce tool that has a lot to do with your website. Your website comes with a lot of potential, however your customers might not be seeing it at times. This is where POWR comes in. For reaching your conversion goals and sales, your customer is required to push in the best direction. This is where you utilise the benefit of this application.

POWR Lifetime Deal

With POWR, as an affordable e-commerce tool, you can unlock a suite of numerous applications that can help you collect data, engage visitors, increase followers, enhance sales and much more related to your website. This app refers to a suite of customizable applications that help you optimize on-site conversions apart from increasing your sales and saving your time and effort.


Offering more than 60 customisable website apps that are easy to use, this application is intended to skyrocket and boost your sales like never before. It provides you with the capability to engineer a full web team with a particular tool box along with no coding needed. Other than that, it also helps to integrate numerous websites and enables you to manage the applications throughout all your website in a particular dashboard. You can capture your sales leads easily and the embedded applications help boost your reach and assist you to get more conversions.

There are popup coupon offers that help you reduce cart abandonment and their allies chats that help handle customer problems in real time. Other than that, you can also utilise convenient templates within the form builder to develop user friendly forms like contact forms, multi-step surveys, payment forms and event registrations. Being one of the plugins to grow your business you can also incorporate conditional logic reacting to earlier responses and incorporate star ratings dropdowns emoji feedback as well as additional features to make it simple for your clients.


About POWR

If you are looking for a stair master for the additional steps of the customer, welcome to POWR. This application is an affordable ECommerce tool that can help retain your customers who are looking forward to purchasing something from your website. For a super smooth experience, you can help your customers glide through checkout with buy now feature, pay later feature, PayPal button, debit and credit options as well.

It is one of those customizable website apps that comes with a countdown timer to develop a sense of urgency so that you can watch your sales grow. Other than that, you can also grab the attention of your customers with an enchanting photo gallery that reveals your work. If you want to incorporate sections for customers, you can add FAQs, comments, customer testimonials or even highlight a social feed for selling your products in a further streamlined manner. The best part is you can sync your contacts with MailChimp and utilise Zapier to reach out to thousands of other applications.



  • Boost Your conversions: This application can encourage your visitors to take actions while subscribing to the mailing list for making that purchase.
  • Collect data: Get the data you are looking for from your customers like customer feedback, email addresses and more.
  • Engage visitors: You can keep the visitors on your website with beautiful visuals like images, videos, countdowns and social proof.


  • Support clients: You can provide the best ever client support with comments, frequently asked questions, live chat and more.


With the plethora of applications, you are going to have everything you require for reaching the maximum profit potential of your business. Nowadays, your website needs to speak a lot other than displaying only your business name and some pictures. This is where the affordable E-Commerce tool comes into existence. POWR provides you with shoppable social feeds, engaging popups, live chat features and seamless checkouts to grab the leads and convert them into customers. It is time to do your website a favour and grab the deal of the power house of tools.

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  • This application can help you leverage more than 60 applications like forms, pop ups, image galleries, social feeds, checkout buttons, countdown timers and more.
  • This app is an alternative to Envato Elements.
  • With the help of this application, you can integrate with lots of website platforms and easily sync contacts with your marketing suites from a particular dashboard.
  • This application is ideal for website designers and e-commerce businesses looking forward to boosting conversions, optimising on-site conversions, accelerating sales and saving time.
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