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Quick Overview

  • Boost your product launch and brand awareness by creating viral referral programs that offer rewards.
  • Send behavior triggered emails to customize your product.
  • Offer rewards for certain actions like referrals or purchases to gamify your campaign.
  • Boost your leads by 40% with prefinery.
  • We power the world’s most powerful companies.

Prefinery is a customer acquisition platform that makes use of customizable referral campaigns to reward viral sharing. You will have total control of your Email marketing campaign, as there are no templates to work around and the copy is customizable which allows you to add text in any language. It also lets you add fields for multiple-choice questions, personal information, consent agreement, GDPR/CCPA and more according to your own design choices.

Make a great impression right from the start.

Customize your referral campaign for maximum branding opportunities!

Create lead lists and put them to use with behavior-triggered custom emails. You can send referral reminders, welcome emails, opt-ins, and more when the user makes certain actions. You can also draft an additional email, which is automatically triggered to keep your users engaged. 

With prefinery, you can make communication easy so that your email marketing campaign has the highest chance to succeed.

Reward people for referrals

Max out the hype levels for your product by rewarding people for referrals. You can offer rewards to your users whenever they make an action like – making a purchase, tasks you define, or subscribing to your newsletter – you can offer them rewards. 

There are milestones, single-sided, and double-sided rewards to gamify your referral process for great results. You can also use Zapier integration to make the delivery of rewards streamlined. Prelaunch campaigns also allow you to deliver a unique invitation code to show your users a sneak peek of the product you’ve planned.

Search, sort, and filter by 55+ data points

Prefinery has detailed user insight to keep you cognizant of who’s driving interest in your product, with its email marketing tools. It allows you to search, sort and filter for more than 55 data points which include operating system location, browser, and language details. It also provides options to view success information, HTTP referrals, and UTM tags for ad campaigns to show which website your users are routing through. What’s even better is that you can track your custom properties to measure the metrics your way!

Track campaign performance by several metrics

Prefinery ensures not to leave you baffled with useless analytical numbers. You can track your campaign performance by metrics like submissions, impressions, total shares, and conversion rates. Study your insights into percent sign-ups, total referrals, shares, and referrals by the platform. It also integrates with Webhooks, API, Zapier, and even third-party analytics via javascript snippet. 

Grow your business the old-fashioned way – word of mouth referrals.

Prefinery was and is the best solution for executing a pre-launch waitlist campaign, thanks to its best-in-class email marketing tools. Whether you’re launching a mobile app or a SaaS app, it is the most customizable, most secure, and reliable solution on the market today. It is the easiest way to launch a refer-a-friend program for your mobile app or Saas. It integrates your current website or landing page provider, including Instapage, Squarespace, WordPress, Webflow, and many more.

You can also create a viral waiting list for your video game launch that rewards people for referring your app. Delivering invitations has never been easier! Just click a button and Prefinery will automatically assign and email the person who has an unused key.

Use prefinery to boost your brand’s hype via automated referral programs with incentives to share with campaign analytics and insights.

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  • Customizable branding campaign.
  • Send welcome messages, rewards, opt-ins with zero hassle using behavior triggered customised emails.
  • Search, sort, and filter for over 55 data points.
  • Get thorough analytical information on key metrics like form impression, total referrals, and conversion rates.
  • Reward people for referrals by maxing out your hype.
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