PUTLER Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Putler is a multi-channel eCommerce analytics tool that consolidates data and provides reports, insights on sales, customers, products, visitors, and subscriptions.
  • This is a great way to connect all your payment gateways, shopping cart systems, analytics, and data from all your stores in one place.
  • This provides insights into all aspects of your business so that you can make smarter decisions for the future.

PUTLER Lifetime Deal

What is Putler?

Are you struggling with monitoring multiple eCommerce stores? Want a better way to analyze multiple eCommerce stores from a single place? Running multiple eCommerce stores is difficult. You have to juggle admin work, marketing, reporting, support, decision making, order management, etc.

Putler, a tool that lets you monitor multiple eCommerce stores from a single place. Putler lets you connect multiple eCommerce stores, processes the data (merges, cleans, and enriches data), and shows you reports on Products, Customers, Sales, Orders, and Website Traffic.

Putler not only provides you hassle free multi channel reports, but it also provides you insights and helps you spot growth opportunities for your multiple stores. It also provides you reports and insights of products, customers, sales, orders, and website audience. This is a tool specially developed for admins, marketers, consultants, support teams.

Butlers offer subscription management, refund processing, revenue forecasting, customer segmentation, keeping track of the accounts, customer forecasting, and a lot more. Using Putler, you can break free from the time-consuming tasks of managing multiple eCommerce stores every day.

Putler helps you gain clarity, have better control, make smarter decisions, and save time.


Most analytics tools stop at numbers & leave all the hard work of deriving insights & putting those to use up to you. Putler strives to go a notch ahead by providing you features and insights that you can use for running & growing your business.


  • It’s the only tool that provides analytics for SaaS, eCommerce & all other online businesses.
  • Intelligent consolidation and the largest number of integrations with payment gateways, shopping carts & Google Analytics
  • Not superficial dashboards, but provides actionable stats, insights & forecasts.
  • Properly handles multiple currencies & different time zones.
  • Out-of-the-box segmentation & powerful breakups & drill-downs.
  • Can handle multiple businesses from a single place.
  • Has the fastest search & saves hours of work.
  • Shows accurate reports & fixes 100+ problems in transactional data
  • Provide advanced eCommerce reports


Customers use Putler daily to carry out tasks like –

  • Monitoring all their data – multiple stores, channels, websites from a single place.
  • Taking quicker but data-driven decisions based on accurate reports & metrics.
  • Identifying opportunities & spotting anomalies based on insights & trends.
  • Strategic planning using forecasts & past business performance.
  • Understanding customers & products better.
  • Setting, tracking & achieving sales goals.
  • Quicker routine operations like processing refunds, managing subs.
  • Staying on top of their business data


Plans and Pricing

Deals terms

  • Lifetime access to Putler Starter Plan
  • All future Starter Plan updates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • Combine multiple accounts
  • Intelligent data cleanup, merging, and duplicate resolution
  • Automatic currency rate conversion
  • Enriched customer profiles
  • Sales heatmap, top products, and 80-20 analysis
  • Weekly email reports
  • Planning tools: forecasting and revenue goal setting
  • Operations feature: issue refunds and manage subscriptions
  • Unlimited orders
  • Single user
  • Two-year data retention
  • Segments

Putler provides three plans –

License Tier 1

  • One Time Purchase of $69.00
  • All features above included
  • Track up to $25,000 revenue per month
  • 5 data sources

License Tier 2

  • One Time Purchase of $149.00
  • All features above included
  • Track up to $100,000 revenue per month
  • 10 data sources

License Tier 3

  • One Time Purchase of $299.00
  • All features above included
  • Track up to $500,000 revenue per month
  • 20 data sources


In a nutshell, Putler is the ultimate tool to make sense of your data. It has well through and reports at every step, which helps you dig into your data and gain insights like never before. Grow your business with Pulter today!

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  • Putler removes duplicates, improves accuracy, and consolidates everything up. All your business data will show up on an easy-to-understand dashboard with some quick high-level metrics like net revenue, top products, live order stream, and even future sales forecasting.
  • This is a reliable analytics software that helps you to get a great view of all the important sales KPIs you need.
  • You can get breakdown charts, comparison views, and even a sales heatmap to know when your store is performing best.
  • This tool helps you to get nitty-gritty and gain product insights like fastest-moving products, lifetime product performances, refund velocities, and the products most often bought together.
  • You will also get some pretty sweet customer insights without having a finger lift.
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