QR.oi Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • In this era of better and faster technology, people are using their devices with more reason. It absolutely helps you to get your needs met and transfer the information from one person to another person or from a business to an individual.
  • Like other trending channels in the market QR code is also one the most trending channels.
  • QR code can easily be operated by mobile devices. It provides more information to users very quickly without any effort.
  • This is a very time saving master plan for marketing. It enables businesses to provide information to the user in a very short time. You can just simply scan the code and access everything in a snap.

QR.oi Lifetime Deal

What is QR.io?

QR.io is a QR code marketing platform with color, shape, logo & distinctive themes.It works exactly the same as QR code. It is an easy-to-use tool to make QR codes for various scenarios. It shares and creates custom QR codes. It tracked how many people have scanned the QR code with their location and timing. QR.io gives you a great advantage of the designing process. No coding required to generate a landing page of your QR code, non developers can also create QR code. It also helps you with business strategy by gathering feedback from your customers so you can work from their better experience.

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How to generate QR.io?

  • First choose your QR code type of content. It will define what your QR code will do.
  • Then, you’ll have to fill the required field. Like , type ‘link’ will ask you for a website URL.
  • Lastly, just download and share your QR code generated from your dashboard. If you want, you can also edit it as per your requirement.
  • Track and analyze the presentation.


How to scan QR code?

  • It totally depends on the device, if you already have a scanner or code reader in your device.
  • Then open the camera of your phone and hold it over a code for a few seconds until a notification pops up and it’s done.
  • But if this doesn’t happen then check your setting and see if QR code scanning is approved.

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What are Dynamic QR codes?

The content of dynamic QR code is the most essential tracking strategy for marketers. You can edit and change codes as image and printed form even after being downloaded.  It’s QR codes only work with running subscriptions. Additionally they can track scanning statistics. This code type is most used in restaurants, gyms, stores, and other marketing platforms. Dynamic codes provide you a very fast service that’s why it is considered most preferable over static codes.


How to create a QR code with the help of QR code generator

  • Using a web browser, go to the QR code generator
  • Then you have to enter text, upload a file or enter the URL of the website of the QR Code you want to share with the people.
  • To customize your Qr code, you can edit, change color and shape & add a logo to your QR code.
  • When it’s done , click download.
  • After downloading, you don’t have to create your account. Just wait for the QR to finish generation.

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Plans and features of QR.io

  • Lifetime access to QR.io
  • Within 60 days of purchase , it’s mandatory to ransom your code.
  • You can update all future plans.
  • GDPR Complaint
  • It has a policy of 60 days money back guarantee whatever the reason.


Our goal is to help marketers engage with their customers through QR code. Create QR codes and share them to increase installs, get leads, share marketing materials and gather feedback. The QR code is also a symbol of the Box of Saturn. No one will be able to buy or sell without the mark. QR.io comes with some fresh design options which makes it more interesting than others. The interface is clean and simple and uncomplicated to use. Super easy! Quick setup! Unlimited Social Media Links within a QR code!


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  • You can sign up on a page and website just by scanning the QR code. It reduces the stress of accessing the website and going through the whole page for navigation.
  • It makes business purposes very easy for you. You have to scan the QR code and you will get to know all the business details of your  contact number.
  • You can send a message and email too through QR code benefits. Once QR code will be scanned the user will get the message and sending email via QR code will help you to monitor data for marketing.
  • The most used way of QR code is in  shopping and discounts. You can get your receipt and menu just by scanning the  QR code. It benefits a lot of industries and also allows you to measure your marketing campaign accurately.
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