Rasa.io Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Rasa.io is an email marketing tool that helps you customize the newsletter that you can send to your old and new audience. You can add your creative magic to all the individuals who look up to your content and ideas.
  • It is the right tool for you if you have been missing out on the personal touch with your customers. Also, sending the same size newsletters is not right. You need to do something of the box.
  • Rasa.io is an excellent tool that helps you create, automate, and further, customize various kinds of topics in the newsletter to catch the attention and expand your business.
  • Rasa.io is the trick that will help you keep your customers feel special and a lot more engaged/ you can go for sure-shot winning tricks like dedicating a full-fledged holiday to small surprises like promo codes and deals.

Rasa.io Lifetime Deal

What is Rasa.io?

Magazines and newsletters are something that will keep your audience glued to you now and then. But, adding unique and creative things in the newsletter is a tough task. It is a quest to keep customers engaged that never stops. So, businesses tend to look out for marketing tools that will pave the way for better reach.

Raso.io acts as a perfect solution that functions as an email marketing tool. This tool helps the customers connect with the AI-curated content. The user can add a personal touch and send it to all subscribers. The buyers can use newsletters for reaching out to new subscribers and website visitors, also. There are many ways to add beautiful and effective additions to these letters that make it to the list of customers and subscribers.




  • Brand promotion, customer trust-building, and adding value to the credibility of your brand is possible with the help of this tool.
  • The user has the option of aggregating content from your website and from external sources that you can use like YouTube, RSS feeds, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.


  • You can have control of the articles that make it to your newsletter.
  • This tool helps the user to automatically designate content for various kinds of subscribers by targeting their different tastes and preferences.


  • There are responsive templates that you can use anytime. The user can further, play well along with the colors, fonts, and layouts for a better view and enhance the probability of catchiness.


  • You can also make your customers feel more valued and loved by adding custom notes including anything that they want. You can add your introduction or any updates that you think that your customers need to know.
  • Rasa.io provides the user with complete control and access to the designing process and includes options like format texting, images, and links, amongst others.


Plans and Pricing

This tool helps you go for customized newsletters with the help of 3 plans that are available for $59, $99, and $249. The user gets 5,000, 10,000, and 30,000 contacts in each of these plans. The user has the advantage of going for unlimited messages, native integrations, and content sources.

The user has to redeem the code within 60 days from the date of purchase. If the user does not like the functioning or gains no benefit after the purchase, cancellation within 60 days is possible.


Rasa.io helps you to go for AI-curated content that promises customization for nurturing your relationship with customers and subscribers. So, check it out and know how it benefits your business, your subscribers, and your reach.

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  • If you are in the market and are stuck to coming across an email solution that saves you immense time and effort, there are various reasons for you to choose Rasa.io.
  • Businesses function when there is a strong relationship between the customers and the service providers. The advent of artificial intelligence has been such that it helps in building and maintaining an authentic customer relationship with the content that finds its base with artificial intelligence.
  • With customized newsletters, you can opt for email marketing to reach out to the people and know how to keep the customers always looking out for your business and what it has in store for us.
  • If you have been waiting to use alternative tools like ConstantContact, Emma, and Mailchimp, this is the right time to stop. This tool functions as a great substitute that is worth an investment, for sure.
  • Rasa.io is the marketing tool that helps you automate the emailing process. This tool can be further used for the customization of newsletters. The user can send these newsletters to any number of subscribers that are on the list. Email marketers have found a perfect solution. They can use this to run their campaigns. Personalization is the key to success. There are a lot of things to add in the newsletters like the customer growth journey. It plays a major role in expanding the audience and improving brand loyalty. The users can also use this tool to build a strong customer value through the content that paves the way on your website.
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