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Quick Overview

  • Reslash allows you to build a customizable virtual space for all your online gatherings to set the right mood.
  • Add images, apps, GIFs, and texts, to design an appropriate background for your virtual room on Reslash.
  • Reslash lets you control who enters your room and set permissions for what your audience can share with others.
  • Coordinate and collaborate more effortlessly with Reslash using Google Docs, screen shares, or a blank canvas.
  • Play games, watch YouTube and catch up with your friends through a single screen with Reslash.

Reslash Lifetime Deal

The latest technological advancements and developments have hugely impacted our lives. Thanks to the internet, you can easily do things that at one point were far from possible. Now you can keep up with your elementary school best friend and find new friends with the same interests as you. All this has been made possible because of social platforms and apps.

Especially after the coronavirus outbreak, we all needed an easy and effective solution to help people connect and communicate with other people. But most of the virtual connecting platforms available are dull and hard to navigate with zero customization options. That’s why we are introducing you to a Virtual Estate Company that will transform the way you socialize. Say hello to Reslash.

What is Reslash?

Reslash is a customizable video meeting tool that is unlike any other software in the market. With Reslash, you can build virtual spaces to socialize with your friends, colleagues, and just about anyone you want to meet. What makes this platform different from others is the customization options for setting an appropriate atmosphere for all your meetings. It is a unique virtual communication software that allows multiple speakers to speak at once. With Reslash, communicate clearly and share your Virtual Event Ideas for Online meetings.

Features of Reslash

Now that we have briefly explained what Reslash is and how you can use this engaging virtual platform to socialize, let us go over some of its features of this Virtual Estate Company. Here are the top features of Reslash that make it so remarkable.

Build rooms to suit your mood and occasion:

With Reslash, create virtual space for gatherings suitable for any and every occasion. From your distant cousin’s birthday party to a conference presentation to your boss, you can do so much on Reslash. Create a room and set the right mood for your meeting.

reslash 1

Completely customize how your virtual meet looks:

Reslash also allows you to change the appearance of your virtual rooms. Add backgrounds, images, GIFs, stickers, etc., to personalize the appearance of your room. If you are someone with crazy virtual socializing ideas, then you will love using Reslash.

Limit access preventing unwanted attendees:

With Reslash, you can create highly customized virtual rooms and have complete control over who can and can’t enter your space. Now socialize virtually with people you want to hang out with, without the fear of any unwanted guest crashing your party.

reslash 2

Brainstorm and collaborate with your team:

Using Reslash, you can effortlessly brainstorm and discuss new ideas. Share your plans through Google Docs, whiteboards, and screen shares. So whether you want to bounce off Virtual Event Ideas for Online parties or allocate tasks from your next project, Reslash has your back.

Navigate between multiple groups in the room:

Using Reslash, you can have several speakers in a room, giving the audience the choice of moving closer to their choice of speaker. You can also move from one speaker without leaving the room. This feature makes Reslash the most realistic virtual space for gatherings.

reslash 4

Change room permissions and apply them in real-time:

When you are using the virtual rooms of Reslash, you can change the room permissions anytime you want. So if any member of your space gets any crazy virtual socializing ideas, you can stop it by changing the group permissions of your Reslash room.


We hope this article helped you discover an interactive platform to connect and engage with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can socialize virtually on Reslash irrespective of the occasion. It is a versatile app that allows you to set the mood for any social meeting.

Reslash even gives you the option to collaborate within your team by sharing Google Docs or whiteboards. This tool allows you to build virtual spaces to socialize and work without spoiling your mood and ruining your creativity. Start making engaging and fun virtual interactions with Reslash.

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  • Change the background of your virtual room to make it suitable for the occasion.
  • Share apps like Google Docs and Miro to keep your team updated with the progress.
  • With Reslash, you can host multiple conversations in a room without any confusion.
  • Room permissions enable you to have control over the happenings in your room.
  • Megaphone allows you to communicate with the entire room and delivers your message.
  • Leading companies like Uber, Kickstarter, Oracle, and Arctiq use Reslash.
  • This accessible virtual connecting app is available in four different plan options.
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