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Quick Overview

  • Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that effectively manages your emails with reminders, recurring email automation, and more.
  • You can fully track all the emails you send, including how many times the receiver opened it and clicked on your links.
  • You can create templates for repetitive emails and even customize or optimize them before sending them to anyone.
  • Right Inbox has Mail Merge that lets you send personalized emails to many people, broadening your outreach.
  • With Right Inbox, you can also enjoy features like sync with your CRM tool, private notes for your emails, and embedded GIFs.

Right Inbox Lifetime Deal

In this time of digital communication, emails have become a significant part of our life. From getting order confirmation to making inquiries and sending feedback, emails are essential for every online transaction. Apart from online shopping, emails are also a critical part of communication in our everyday lives, whether you are a student, employee, or entrepreneur.

But manually creating and sending emails can get tiring and tedious. It is why you need a tool that will assist you in managing emails and help you achieve next-level email productivity. Keep on reading to know everything about Right Inbox, an extension for your Gmail.

What is the Right Inbox?

Right Inbox is a Gmail extension tool for your Gmail account that will do everything from sending automated emails to set reminders for you. This email tracking tool will also provide complete tracking data of your sent emails. You will also find other essential and time-saving features that make Mail Merge, Auto Sync with your CRM tool, Scheduled Send,d more. You can also design the best email templates for your primary and recurring emails.

Features of Right Inbox

By now, you have an understanding of what Right Inox is and how it works. Now let’s go over the top features of this email tracking tool mentioned below.

It has multiple options like Send Later and Reminders:

Right Inbox has a Send Later feature that lets you schedule to send your emails. Get next-level email productivity with reminders and scheduled emails that require no input from you.

Right Inbox allows you to track all the emails you send:

This email tracking tool enables you to track all your emails. You can track everything down to the number of times the emails opened and the number of clicks on your links.

Mail Merge enables you to email, several people, at once:

With Right Inbox, you can send personalized emails to a large bunch of receivers. You can customize each mail by employing the best email templates designed by you saving time.

Add private notes to your mail without sharing them with anyone:

Now, you can jot down quick notes and ideas in your email without actually cluttering them. This email tracking tool also allows you to take notes without sharing them with anyone.

Design templates for your most used and repetitive emails:

Right Inbox lets you design the best email templates. Whether it’s for your recovering emails or the high-priority emails, you can pre-design templates to miss out on essential details.

Compose a Sequence with follow up emails saving your time:

Design a sequence of follow-up emails for different scenarios with the Right Inbox. Reach next-level email productivity and send automated emails based on audience response.

Right Inbox will send your recurring emails with automation:

Along with being the ultimate email tracking tool, Right Inbox also has automation options to send emails on your behalf. Set the frequency, time, date, etc., and you are good to go.

Create signatures and add GIFs to make your emails personalized:

Along with creating the best email templates, you can also add GIFs and personalized signatures to make your emails engaging. Just save and include them in your email with one click.


In this article, we introduced you to a Gmail extension tool that will help you save time. Right Inbox has features like email reminders, recurring email automation, and sequences that help you achieve next-level email productivity. There are also features like private notes to jot down the ideas or summarize the emails, an auto-sync option with your favorite CRM tool, and a preview for the links in your emails. Get Right Inbox if you want to manage your emails right!

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  • You can generate a visual preview of the Smart Links that you include in your emails.
  • Create templates for recurring emails and activate the send later option to save time.
  • You can also design a Sequence with follow-up emails for different scenarios.
  • Right Inbox lets you create multiple signatures and apply them to your emails.
  • You can automatically sync high-priority emails to your CRM tool without leaving Gmail.
  • Right Inbox allows you to insert animated GIFs into your emails with one click.
  • Companies like Uber, Netflix, HubSpot, and 250,000 professionals use Right Inbox.
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