Robomotion RPA Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Robomotion RPA is an automation tool that helps you automate any data process with minimal coding.
  • With Robomotion, you can either choose from the existing templates or create a custom automation.
  • Robomotion works with all the leading data storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Outlook, and more.
  • Using Robomotion, stay on top of your operations by scheduling data-related tasks months in advance.
  • Robomotion allows you to set different triggers for your robots, such as HTTP, email, file system, and queue.

Robomotion RPA Lifetime Deal

Managing an online business involves increased usage of data in various forms. It includes keeping track of information related to inventories, sales, profits, employee costs, business leads, conversion rate, and more. Manually dealing with this extensive amount of data can often become tedious and repetitive, not to mention time-consuming.

Have you ever wished for a quick way to help you store and manage all your data? Are your spending hours on data-related tasks instead of focusing on other essential business processes? For anyone looking for such a comprehensive data tool, we have the perfect solution for you. Say hello to Robomotion RPA, the advanced robotic process automation tool.

What is Robomotion RPA?

Robomotion RPA is an AI repetitive data task creator tool that helps you create automations to help you save time. Using this tool, you can generate automations for various web and browser operations. Robomotion enables you to create scheduled automations for the next few minutes of several upcoming months, based on your preference. With these easy-to-use RPA bots, you can set a trigger using email, file system, scheduler, or a web service. Robomotion will also scrape the entire internet to collect and analyze your requested data and compile it into easy-to-understand forms.


Features of Robomotion RPA

We hope that by now, you have understood what Robomotion is and how this AI-Powered RPA Platform can help you save time. Let us go through the top features of this data automation tool to see why it is a must-have for every online business and management agency:


Create unlimited automations for all your data related operations and tasks:

Robomotion RPA allows you to create endless data automations to help you save time and become productive. With this low-code automation tool, you can do everything from automating your health check to sending custom birthday messages.


Now create automations for both web and desktop applications without any API:

Using Robomotion, you have the freedom to design automation for your web operations, in addition to automations for your system applications. Thanks to this robotic process automation tool, you to create automations for any non-API app on your device.


Add unlimited tasks to one automation project to design a self-sufficient process:

Robomotion allows you to create the most suitable automation for your needs and permits you to add several tasks to one automation. With this AI repetitive data task creators, add any number of actions to arrive at a 100% automated project.


Choose from existing automations or design a unique one for your requirements:

You also get the choice to pick from a series of pre-designed automation for general data purposes or create a new one. Using this AI-Powered RPA Platform, you have the freedom to design unique data automation for your business needs.


Design a suitable working schedule for your RPA bots as per your preferences:

Robomotion’s easy-to-use RPA bots work without your assistance by following your pre-set schedule with different actions. You can create a calendar that manages your data requirements with monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly triggered automations.


Always stay aware of the market price tracking using the data scraping feature:

You can stay updated on the latest market trends, such as product pricing and sales, using Robomotion’s scraping tool. This low-code automation tool will collect, analyze, and complies your required data into pre-determined data forms.



We hope reading this article, you have discovered the perfect robotic process automation tool to handle all the manual data needs within your organization. Using Robomotion RPA, you can say goodbye to monotonous and repetitive tasks and start spending your time productively. Create unlimited automations for your web and desktop applications months in advance.

With Robomotion RPA, you get templates for most common automations along with the option to design newer and more custom processes based on your needs. This AI-Powered RPA Platform works harmoniously with all leading data storage tools like Dropbox, Google, Drive, Excel, Outlook, Oracle, Slack, and more. So switch to Robomotion today and start automating every data process.

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  • Automate any non-API desktop applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux devices.
  • Robomotion collects and compiles the required data that is ready for export as CSV.
  • Integration with Slack and other data storage tools offers a seamless workflow.
  • Use unlimited automations tasks in one project to give you increased functionality.
  • Get custom templates for different needs, such as communication, IT, and social media.
  • Pick the perfect plan for your needs from the four options with various user limits.
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