Run The World Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Run The World allows you to arrange and host virtual events online.
  • You can add conferences, which utilized various advanced tools to create multi-session and multi-track events.
  • You can arrange talks, where people can show up and talk about their interactive moments.
  • You can easily host online events using Run The World, and have your guests invited.

Run The World Lifetime Deal can be thought of like a one-stop-shop to host the virtual event and these events eventually connect, inspire and entertain. Run The World has everything covered in virtual event management from A to z hence this includes registration, ticketing, hosting emails, payment, community recordings, and many more. If one imagines how to access Run The World it’s easy and simple using a URL. URL makes it easy to share the events and also one does not have to worry about the attendees that are logging in or for any downloading issue. The designation of the length of each round from two minutes can extend up to 10 minutes as well as the number of rounds. This lets people and attendees connect and make new connections and re lighten old friendships.

Run The World features such as a round table option which automatically leads the attendees to discuss topics and meet with other groups of 3-8 people. There are flexible facilities for the host; one can set table topics and assign attendees to groups. If you have a memory loss problem you can easily create a new timetable and attendees can choose to join according to the time set.

What is Run The World?

Let’s understand a bit deeper, what is Run The World? Run The World is a virtual event platform that makes it easy and convincing for the attendees to entertain and connect. The host has various events organized from networking Happy hours to multitrack conferences, covering, ticketing, payment, recording, and many more. Run The World is just like an alternative to a zoom app. Run The World provides the connection of attendees with 1: 1-speed networking. With this small speed networking small group discussions live, question and answers, virtual event planning, and a group photo booth can be conducted. Run The World is most suitable for marketers, community leaders, and event organizers who commit to hosting events that attendees will want to show up at. Usually, Run The World is beneficial for those who have a popularity level and need to influence a group of people.

Round Table discussion

Features Of Run The World

Run The World has many features which are as follows-

  • Run The World gives you lifetime access if one has registered to Run The World Pro and sponsors plan.
  • Run The World doesn’t require code stacking; one has to just choose the plan that’s right for you. It mostly depends on what type of event you are hosting and also what kind of attendees will be there at the event.
  • One has to activate your license within the 30 days of purchase of the registered plan to Run The World
  • All future Pro and sponsor plan updates are given on Run The World and there doesn’t need to get any browsed information from the internet. It’s self-explanatory and independent as a program.
  • Run The World can upgrade or even downgrade between license tiers.
  • Run The World asks you to pay a minimum $1 platform fee per paid ticket to the event. Additional stripe processing fee of 2.9 % plus $0.30 is charged per payment
  • Run The World has other exclusive add-on offers for $ 299. This includes one time for unlimited sessions.
  • Other plans include a 60-day money-back guarantee no matter whatever your reason is, personal issues and dislikes are respected as comments.
  • 500 free attendees per event.
  • There is an unlimited duration for the event to be organized.
  • An unlimited number of events per month can be conducted and organized.
  • An unlimited number of paid participants can participate in the organized event.
  • 15% revenue is shared per paid ticket bought.
  • If you are a teacher and want to download the attendees’ list one can do that you can even download chat log and Poll data.
  • The host networking events are established and can charge for the recordings and there are HD recordings available.
  • A full event report can be given with engagement attendee demographics.
  • The Run The World event marketplace also gives one access to music libraries.


We hope that through this article, we have introduced you to the complete insight into Run The World. It is a useful tool for everyone involved in the process of influencing, teaching, chatting, business, and much more. Whether you are a teacher or political influencer, an Instagram influencer, a vlogger, or just a student. Run The World has benefits for each one of us. Due to the global pandemic, it is difficult for everything to resume back to normal. Hence yoga classes, exercises, online schools, teaching, business influencing are done online. It is a beneficial virtual event organizer to learn and socialize. Don’t forget to enjoy the exciting interactive virtual event and connect to people.

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  • You can invite around 100,000 one-on-one connections together.
  • You can host various types of parties like team happy hour, alumni event, all-hands after-party, monthly meetups, meet and greets, professional mixer, speed dating, and various others.
  • You can greet your guests with a quick toast, and you can also use the photo booth to take a group selfie of your guests.
  • It is easy to use, and you can use an event template to create your agenda.
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