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Quick Overview

  • Sales blink is an online platform specially designed for sales outreach automationand interlinks you to the right people for the most productive deals.
  • This cold outreach platform helps you to make deals through multi-channel campaign planning.
  • It allows you to chat with the interested parties at the right point in time which again helps in automating cold outreach.
  • It is an alternative option to and which will lead the generation to a better outreach.
  • It allows you to develop goal-based cold call sequences as cold calling is still one of the most effective methods to reach out to potential customers

Sales blink Lifetime Deal, is an online platform that allows you to find prospects, create outreach campaigns, import custom data, book official meetings, and manage prospects with the built-in CRM for automated, successful sales conversations. It is very helpful for people who are in b2b business. You can modify your campaigns according to the business sales needs and can also virtually plan various outreach methods and time frames for calling, emailing, texting, and more. Here you can find any company employee’s emails with just a click which in turn will save a lot of time. This cold outreach platform helps you connect your Google calendar to schedule meetings with future leads within working hours.


Sales blink is an online platform that is like a one-stop-destination for finding targeted prospects, launching multi-channel automated and custom outreach campaigns. With sales blink, you have a full-stack platform that assists you with all the stages of the sales process. It allows you to target companies from a vast business database of more than 100 million companies worldwide. Here you can create automated personalized email sequences to make follow-ups easier and efficient. This platform will allow you to use CRM and reports to manage clients and prospects. This platform can connect your prospect list with a database of leads and open opportunities and automate cold outreach.

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The sales dashboard then allows you to create personalized direct messages to send via email to the selected contacts. The best tools that anyone can demand are provided by sales blink and one of those tools is the automated email lookup tool which helps you find any company’s employee emails with just a click which in turn will save a lot of time. You can stand out in your prospect’s inbox by personalizing your emails with custom images and dynamic variables for that professional edge. Use present campaign outreach intervals and flowchart-style responses to become the Einstein of strategic planning.

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  • It is a sales outreach automation platform that lets you go from prospecting to outreach to closing as fast as flash.
  • It allows you to create complex, multi-channel outreach campaigns to simplify your execution and hit sales goals.
  • It has a feature named prospect finder whereby searching, sorting, and targeting factors like industry and location you can always reach the right audience.
  • Its CRM tools allow you to supervise leads, replies, and opportunities better than any other platform.
  • This platform keeps you organized by allowing you to add information about cold calls and emails and their outcomes to update outreach tasks for data sharing. Also, you can track your progress by monitoring completed and pending tasks from your dashboard
  • It easily allows your prospects to book meetings with you via sales blink meeting links. Also, you get a personal shareable appointment booking link so that you can focus on what matters the most.
  • A lot of other things are provided by sales blink which includes: – unlimited CRM, unlimited outreach recipients, unlimited automated email follow-ups, appointment scheduler, email image personalization, and multichannel automation outreach campaigns.


Sales blink is a sales outreach automation platform that will help you at every step of your sales process that is prospecting, outreach, and closing. When you have got sales goals higher than Cadillac man, you need tools that can help you achieve them and the Sales blink platform is one of them.

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  • Sales blink is a digital platform that connects you with the right leads every time for better prospecting and outreach.
  • It is the best automating cold outreach platform especially for sales teams looking for an easier way to find and convert new leads with the programmed community.
  • It provides the user with an automated email lookup tool to find professional emails from site domains.
  • It is a very efficient platform as it provides the users all the resources required for every step of your sales campaign and automating cold outreach from start to finish.
  • It provides you with the feature of sending a cold email without the prior permission of the recipient which is much less intrusive than a cold phone call and leads to cold email automation.
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