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Quick Overview

  • Salesdash CRM is an easy-to-use Sales CRM Softwarethat allows you to manage and control your sales relating operations.
  • It comes up with a highly organized and customizable dashboard that enumerates the tasks that you need to focus on, namely, follow-ups, pipeline, sales target, etc.
  • Salesdash CRM allows you to import various accounts and deals on its dashboard. You can now settle them with ease. You can also customize your sales target, fields, and pipelines.
  • It allows you to assign company roles and grant permissions for carrying out the same roles. You can build your sales team on Salesdash CRM and assign them their sales target.
  • The team leaders can have continuous access to the dashboard. From here they can monitor sales achievement, track communications, draw conclusions and reports, forecast sales, manage and settle various accounts, and much more.

Salesdash CRM Lifetime Deal, this is affordable CRM software that allows you to manage and control up to fifty thousand accounts and a huge contact list. Two users can simultaneously access all the functions and features available on the dashboard. You can successfully manage the sales pipeline, sales target communication processes, and other tasks.

It allows you to produce reports relating to the calling campaign. You can create a client list and continuously monitor their progress. It allows you to import various accounts and their formations, contact lists, and other records directly from the spreadsheets. It makes the process hassle-free and time-efficient. You can edit the headers already available on the dashboard or you can create your own as per your requirement. This feature helps you in completing the tasks speedily.

What is Salesdash CRM?

Salesdash CRM is an affordable CRM that assists you in pipeline management, task management, follow-up management, and custom CRM. It helps the sales personnel in making detailed notes so that they can actualize the specific needs of his/her clients. It helps in customizing the several stages of your sales pipeline.

It helps the sales personnel to lay emphasis on the paramount elements of sales, that is, activity and customer communication. It increases the overall productivity of the team members. It also allows you to trace the communication history which makes it easier to build and maintain healthy customer relationships. It also allows the sales leader to monitor and control their team member’s activities through the dashboard. It helps them in building an efficient team and make changes as per their needs. It permits you to view your tasks in calendar mode. This gives you an insight into your availability and deadlines. You can also schedule team meetings.

Features of Salesdash CRM

  • Salesdash CRM is a sales CRM software that allows you to send endless e-mails via Gmail or Outlook. You can also create informational templates or signatures and pre-schedule your e-mails. It also notifies you when a user opens an e-mail.
  • It logs in and logs out automatically of your accounts if you have any pre-scheduled e-mail to send.
  • Tracking the communication history helps you in enhancing the overall customer experience as you focus on the details.
  • It enables you to forecast sales by assessing the record count and total revenue. With the help of various funnels, you can check where a specific sales deal stands in the sales process.
  • Salesdash CRM is also available for mobile phone web browsers and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It provides quick and secure access to the client’s information.
  • You can create new information, and add new logs to the existing records, and set up new follow-up plans. You can also attach files available on your mobile phone.


Both small, as well as big business hubs, can avail the benefits of Salesdash CRM tools and processes. It will help you in the expansion of your business by growing sales and revenue. You do not need to pay any set-up fee to run this smooth and efficient client management software.

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  • It allows you to send numerous e-mails to your clients directly through accounts or via deal pages.
  • It enables you to form sales targets, monitor the progress, and identify the areas lacking, in real-time. It also helps you with new deal creations and closing the same.
  • Dashboard CRM is a customizable CRM that allows you to form sales groups and various fields relating to sales. You can customize them and record client’s specific information for a long period.
  • Various tabs available on the dashboard provide you access to countless accounts, sales deals, and reports, in a single window.
  • It assists you in assessing and identifying the reasons for the failure of a sales deal. You can measure your actual performance and make the desired changes for increasing sales in the future.
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