Sendspark Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Sendspark lets you connect to customers via videos.
  • It allows you to make personalized video emails from your browser by allowing you to record your screen or yourself.
  • You can also collaborate with your clients and team members in shared workspaces.
  • If you are working for a marketing agency you can even manage videos on behalf of your clients.
  • You can personalize video thumbnails for your clients with their name and logo on the video.

Sendspark Lifetime Deal

Do not just sell your product, build your relationship. Accelerate business via personalized videos –

No doubt, e-mail is the best way to reach out to your customers for you and any other business. But with many customers receiving more than 100 emails every day, you have got to stand out. Stand out in their inbox with custom video emails that help you in building genuine connections with your customers.

Sendspark helps you stand out in the inbox with clear communication and smart outreach –

Sendspark makes it easier to create fabulous custom video emails. Use it to capture the attention of your clients and encourage them to respond. With the Sendspark chrome extension, personalized videos are just a click away with the ability to record videos right from the browser. 

Create quick videos anytime, and from anywhere for your customers. Introduce yourself, answer questions, follow up on a conversation, create instant tutorials or showcase your product. You can record yourself, your screen, or your face as a floating bubble on the screen, to make personalized videos. 

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Make the user experience more attention-grabbing –

Once you are done recording your video message via the chrome extension, you can add personalization and branding to make the user experience more attention-grabbing. You can also create custom video share pages with the video marketing tool which adds to your branding, calls-to-action, and logo, which will lead the user to the next step in the sales process or buyer’s journey. You can also share the video in emails or messages, so you get to stand out in your client’s inbox.

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Create personalized video landing pages to make the experience more customized –

Personalize video thumbnails for your clients with their names and logos on the right side, so that they know that you made the content exclusively for them. You can use the personalized videos for sales, onboarding, or account-based marketing to retain more customers and book more calls.

sendspark 3

Create a collaborative work environment where you can work with your clients and team to create videos and send them on their behalf –

Sendspark allows you to create collaborative workspaces with your clients and your team to create attention-grabbing videos for prospective customers. If for example, you are working in a marketing agency, you can even manage videos on the behalf of your clients.

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Request videos from anyone to send out in emails –

Getting video content from people that are not tech-savvy can be a tedious task to do. Sendspark makes it easy to request videos from customers which they can create and upload without installing anything. 

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With Sendspark you will also be able to collect videos from team members for emails, thus, keeping the whole company involved in employment and outreach. Also, Sendspark lets you gather content from your marketing clients to send videos on their behalf.

Sparking a useful conversation right away has never been easier! With Sendspark you can stand out in your customers’ inbox with the email marketing tool. Build a real relationship with your audience with Sendspark. 

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  • Stand out in the inbox of your customers and clients.
  • Do not just talk about your product, show it in a clean and compelling product video.
  • Capture your warmth and passion for your customers. You are not just selling a product; you are building a relationship.
  • Personalize thumbnails with your recipient’s logo and name to capture their attention.
  • Cut through the noise in the inbox via personalized videos.
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