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Quick Overview

  • SerpWatch is an SEO management tool to help achieve a high rank on various search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • With SerpWatch, you can automatically get the keywords suggestions for your content through notifications.
  • SerpWatch lets you share your projects with team members and clients through guest modes, just like Google Docs.
  • Now manage your client’s SEO profile with SerpWatch, from a single dashboard without switching between multiple tabs.
  • SerpWatch also lets you create and download apps and reports for you and your clients through robust APIs.

SerpWatch Lifetime Deal

The ultimate goal of any content published on the internet is to achieve the highest search engines ranking. It will either provide maximum advertising for your brand and generate higher sales for your business or drive in money through ad revenues. But how do you achieve this goal?

There are many SEO strategies for reaching a higher rank on various search engines. Keyword optimization is one of the processes for achieving more organic traffic on your content. In this article, we share one of the best rank tracker tools to up your SEO game. Say hello to SerpWatch.

What is SerpWatch?

SerpWatch is an SEO management platform that lets you track your search engine ranking and allows you to improve it with high-performing keywords. To help you find the best keywords for your content, SerpWatch will compare multiple keywords to arrive at the best keywords for your content. What’s more, you will get the customized notifications for these on your email and Slack. Make one or multiple client portals with SerpWatch, and get rank tracking insights on every profile.

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Features of SerpWatch

Now that we have explained what SerpWatch is and why you need to get this SEO management platform let’s discuss its features. Here are the top features of SerpWatch that make it a must-have for anyone desirous of achieving high search engine rankings.

Discover the best keywords for your content for higher traffic:

SerpWatch will determine the most suitable keywords for your content based on various analytical factors. It will assess these keywords and compromise the metrics for the keywords, making it the best rank tracker tool.

Now track ranking on multiple search engines with SerpWatch:

With SerpWatch, you can find keywords that will help you rank higher on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. This advanced SEO tracking tool will find the keywords for different search engines, mobile and desktop devices.

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Compare different keywords to find the most SEO driving ones:

SerpWatch will compare the multiple keywords related to your content using a graph to compare the performance of each one. With the SEO rank tracker, examine up to five different keywords to determine their performance metrics.

Integration with Google Analytics allows real-time statistics:

SerpWatch also integrates with Google Analytics to provide you with the most accurate analytics in real-time. Get rank tracking insights on the performance of your keywords and determine your SERP and its changes.

SerpWatch lets you manage several client portals with one account:

Using SerpWatch, you can effectively manage multiple client accounts with a single dashboard. This SEO management platform will let you white label these profiles and drive all the communication through your business email.

Customize profiles on SerpWatch to match your brand aesthetic:

Along with managing several clients with one SerpWatch account, you can also customize the look of these profiles. With this SEO rank tracker, you can even personalize the appearance of the dashboard to match the client’s brand.



We hope this article helped you find the ultimate SEO tool to help you get a higher ranking and maximum organic traffic on several search engines. SerpWatch is an advanced SEO tracking tool that follows an analytical approach in tracking and comparing multiple keywords to give you the highest-performing ones for your website.

With this SEO rank tracker, you can get information about the best keywords for your project through notifications through Slack and email. Now, managing your client’s profile is also more manageable and easier with SerpWatch. With the Zapier integration, you can connect with over 1500 applications and websites that will boost your productivity. So get SerpWatch and start to ace your SEO game.

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  • Get custom notifications on your email and Slack for suitable keywords for you.
  • With The Zapier integration, connect more than 1500 apps with SerpWatch.
  • Find the best keywords suggestions for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Get real-time performance tracking of your content with Google Analytics.
  • SerpWatch is best for managers and agencies for handling multiple accounts.
  • With SerpWatch, choose from ten different plan options based on your operations.
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