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Quick Overview

  • Access proactive keyword monitoring with email and slack notifications, plus Zapier integration
  • Alternative to: Rank Tracker by Ahrefs
  • Cross-reference rankings with featured snippets, Google Analytics, and revenue reports, plus send clients white-labeled reports
  • Best for: Marketers and SEO agencies that manage multiple clients or channels and want insightful data on their SEO strategies

The SEO tools are one of the best tools to improve your rank in search engine results. They optimize your content by considering the factors like keywords, backlinks, etc. It checks your websites and gives essential suggestions that make your website rank higher on the search engine pages. They provide all the information required to compete with other SEO optimized websites. There are many SEO ranking tools online for example SEMrush, Google Webmasters, Ahrefs, Moz, SerpWatch, and Seobility. Among which, SerpWatch is the best rank checker tool online.

SerpWatch is the best rank checker tool that provides valuable suggestions on improving the keywords and backlinks and thereby improving your ranking in the search engine pages. It is mainly used by many SEO professionals as it manages, follows, and analyzes the keywords quickly. In the category of the tech stack, SerpWatch comes under SEO as a service. For major search engines, it can automatically provide comprehensive, easy to read, and accurate ranking data. It thus acts as a keyword ranking tool and keyword position checker tool.

Functionalities of SerpWatch are as follows –

  1. Organic search traffic data

    SerpWatch not only helps in improving your rank by acting like a keyword ranking tool but also sees the effects. As an overlay, the Google analytics integrations provide the data on organic search traffic on top of the keywords ranking graph. So, you can see the shifts that happen due to the traffic data.

serpwatch 3a

  1. Advanced keyword data – It the only keyword ranking tool that provides advanced keyword data as a part of the dashboard. The advanced keyword data includes search volume, cost per click, competition, keyword position checker, and monthly revenue. So, you can gain knowledge on how many times you are clicking on the target keyword on your search engine.

serpwatch 2a

  1. Advanced SERP features

    It not only provides advanced keyword data but also advanced SERP features in the dashboard. While using it as a keyword ranking tool, you need to take many other factors into account, along with the positioning of the keywords. The features include an answer box, people also ask box and a video carousel. It provides the exact data on the return type of your keyword ranking is for.

  2. Comprehensive coverage

    You have a single customizable console from which you can manage multiple websites. It provides the rank data that make us focus on the critical issues. So, by monitoring the performance of your website and tweak content, you can boost your results. It offers geographical location, keyword fluctuation tracking, multiple project tracking, keyword position checker, and historical rank rata.

serpwatch 4a

  1. Multiple search engines and group indexes

    With the help of SerpWatch, you can interact with many major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. You can check these by merely touching the boxes that excite you. At the same time, you can monitor different Google indexes too. SerpWatch also offers tracking on the subpages of Google like Google maps, Google news, and Google shopping that helps you to enhance your approach.

  2. Precise tracking options

    It provides results in every report. So, you can easily approach high response search results, keyword position checker, and thereby boost your SEO performance.

  3. Tracking algorithm updates

    With SerpWatch, you can oversee the Google tracking algorithm updates along with the position of the keyword. This best rank checker tool is present as an overlay on top of the keyword ranking chart. These updates help you to find the reason for the rise and drop in SERPs.serpwatch 1



If you are searching for the best rank checker tool online for your website, then SerpWatch stands to be the best as it has all the advanced features and functionalities that provide suggestions to improve your ranking in the search engine pages.


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  • Analyze the keywords
  • Cost per click
  • Monthly revenue
  • Keyword position checker
  • Google analytic integration and custom ranking
  • Ranking based on fluctuation of the keywords
  • Integration of Slack, Google maps and Zapier
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