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Quick Overview

  • Optimize your images and boost site performance and SEO ranking, with a plugin for automatic image compression
  • Alternative to: TinyPNG and Imagify
  • Properly size and smart-crop pictures to fit in placeholders with the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin
  • Best for: Site owners and web agencies looking to help clients cut down on site load time and improve rankings

Five reasons to use the Short pixel plugin in the WordPress dashboard 

Now a- days visual attracts more audience than written text as it is more comfortable as well as pleasant to look at an image rather than reading a textbook. So, with the time website owner, web agencies use more and more pictures to attract audiences than writing a thousand words. It is rightly said ” a picture said a thousand words.” writing more text is tiresome & cumbersome both instead of that inserting picture makes one website beautiful.

But the problem comes to use more high-resolution images we increase the file size, which takes a longer time to load. To reduce the file size, we need to compress the images. When we try to compress images, we compromise its quality. Sometimes we need to squeeze all the photos of the site for better performance in that respect compression of photographs is an enormous task.

Introduction to Short pixel

Short pixel is an image compressor tool that reduces image size without compromising the quality of images. So that website can load faster. Short pixel is an image compressor software that plays a helping hand in optimizing WordPress sites. The time taken to load the page becomes less means more viewer due to a pleasant experience & better search ranking.

A short pixel is a WordPress plugin. So, it automatically reduces the image sizes at the same time optimize the website. It boosts the performance of the site’s search engine. Ultimately it increases your sale. It also provides an alternative for tiny PNG and Imagify.

Functionalities of Short pixel are as follows –

1. Compatibility:

There are different types of formats for images like JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, etc. Sometimes it becomes difficult to compress an image in a specific format, and we need to change the file format. It immensely worries some. Short pixel is very handy in this matter also. As it automatically switches to a suitable file format with appropriate image size with proper resolution.

Lifetime Access to ShortPixel

2. Compression options:

Short pixel gives three compression options, which are lossy, glossy, and lossless. Glossy is an advanced type of image compression options. Photographers mostly use this type of compression option for best quality images.

Lifetime Access to ShortPixel

3. Plug-in:

Short pixel works as a plugin in WordPress so that you can directly install it onto your WordPress dashboard and use it automatically.

The short pixel has two plugins.

① Short pixel image optimizer: This plugin compresses past images and enhances the site performance with the fast loading of pages.

② Short pixel adaptive images: This plugin Resize and Rescale the present pictures properly.

4. User-friendly:

Short pixel has a convenient, user-friendly interface. It is a comprehensive single-clicked WordPress image optimizer that resizes the new images and compresses the old photos, which are already there.

  • Short pixel is frequently updated image compression software so that you can update to its latest version to gets its latest upgraded features.
  • From statistics, WordPress has declared that 2,00,000 active users have installed the Short pixel image compression tool. A short pixel is safe to use.
  • Different e-commerce sites are using woo-commerce plugin using the short pixel.

Lifetime Access to ShortPixel

5. Price:

The short pixel gives 100 free credits per month. If you want to get additional credit, then it provides 5000 image credits for 4.99$. If you refer to any of your friends, then you get 100-lifetime monthly extra image credit per each active referral.

The best feature about short pixels there is no file limit for image compression. It is also compatible with the watermarking plugin.


In short, I want to say short pixel is a plugin must for bloggers, website owners, or web agencies as it is cheap, easy to use & its automatic and upgraded features attracting more active users in the internet world.


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  • The large plan contains lifetime access
  • No limit of file size
  • Single Click image optimization
  • Php tools support
  • Shopify app
  • You can use on multiple websites
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