ShortySMS Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • ShortySMS is your text message solution that helps you establish better communications with the target audience. This is a great way to help your business grow and expand in the long run.
  • Text or SMS marketing is the new cool. This tool promises a convenient user interface. You need not carry out a hefty amount of research as it will only delay the process.
  • If you have organic leads from any of your previously run campaigns, this tool can be of immense help. All you need to do is import your CSV files and enter the marketing field to generate new audience and business needs.
  • This tool pushes for automatic scheduling and runs of SMSs in various periods. So, you need not do much about research as many things from your part are already covered.

ShortySMS Lifetime Deal

What is ShortySMS

The propelling businesses are always in need of new marketing lines, ideas, and schemes. With more and more people buying smartphones, the marketing field has taken an interesting turn in the form of SMS marketing. The rate of text opening and reading is much higher in comparison to other modes like e-mail marketing and hence, the businesses should move with the flow. ShortySMS is a similar tool that initiates easy and affordable text communication with the target audience.

This tool deals in automated text messages. This tool schedules the messages to reach various users at different intervals so that they read the messages and also, reach out to the businesses at the time of need.

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Features of ShortySMS

ShortySMS is one of the most beneficial SMS marketing tools for businesses to use. Here are some of the features you shouldn’t be missing out upon.

  • The tool supports built-in generation forms that help in organics lead collections for your automation. Also, you can get through qualitative data that will help in processing your business operations at a large scale and further, add quality to your business campaigns.

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  • ShortySMS can simplify the process of scheduling your promotional text campaigns. Also, you can use this tool for a qualitative list that helps in identifying your most favorite agents, and customers. This will be useful in updating them about all the deals, discounts, offerings, products, and services, constantly.

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  • If you are circulating lists that require the customer to enter their contact information, they directly become a part of the dashboard. So, all the updates and offers are a single click away.

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  • It also allows you to create sequences and triggers that will push a more organic audience to join your business lists. The customers need to enter a shortcode to be a part of your group or list.
  • You further have the advantage of configuring the gap between the sent texts.
  • This tool fulfills one of the major aims of marketing that is helping the user with fruitful insights like the growth of business contacts, improved click rates, bounce-back rates, and others like opt-outs.

Plans and Pricing

This SMS campaign software is available in 3 packages. The names of these packages are License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. They are available at a one-time purchase of $59, $118, and $236. All the features in these plans are the same. But, you get a total of 300 text messages for a month in License Tier 1, and the same amount increases to 700, and 1,500 for the rest of the two respectively.

You should take note that this tool is valid for your business customers in the US and Canada only. After purchasing, you have lifetime access to the tool but you should activate your license within 60 days only. Choose the plan that suits your business needs the best. If you don’t like the plan or any of the features, you can go for the money-back guarantee that is also available for 60 days only.


Choosing the correct marketing tool for your businesses’ SMS campaign was never so comfortable. Organic lead generation and business growth on a diverse scale are possible with ShortySMS. This marketing tool renders crisp and qualitative conversations with your target audience and helps your loyal customer base grow at a large scale.

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  • This tool is one of the trusted sources to contact your customers from the dashboard. It is possible with the help of automatic supplied contact information. Whenever any new person joins the list, ShortySMS helps in setting up automatic sequences to reach out to them. Hence, usable information is available for marketing purposes.
  • This is an easy method to update your US and Canadian target audience about various stages where your business unfolds through text messages and SMSs.
  • This is a simpler tool to use in comparison to its competitors like SimpleTexting and TextMagic.
  • This is a top-selling pick for content creators who wish to update their audience about every new business posting. Also, this works the best for sales teams and marketing agencies that wish to establish stable and convenient communication with their target audience.
  • Apart from text scheduling, the user has the advantage of text automation as per the audience preference, and much more.
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