Simplified Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Any person looking for any idea to post scrolls Pinterest now and then. Designing is some clicks away with the tool.
  • Simplified is a collaborative design tool that gives the user creative content creation opportunities in a single place.
  • Content marketing is much more than writing and uploading. There is a constant need for constant and trending research. Also, there is a need for content adjustments to match the trends of different social media channels.
  • A multichannel campaign like Simplified simplifies your work – for real! You can get your hands on stunning graphics, videos, copies, and publications. These are going to help your content sail through brilliant social media platforms.
  • There’s a single place for you to be and that’s all that you need to invest in all your creativity and innovation.

Simplified Lifetime Deal

What is Simplified

Simplified is an all-in-one digital design platform that helps you to create various types of content suitable for different social media pages. Designing takes a few seconds with Simplified. Simplified is home to a series of explicit templates. You need to know your need like social media posting, Instagram posting, stories, and reels amongst others. You can use this application for other platforms like TikTok and can create ads and banners, as well.

This tool’s working is simple. All you need to do is drag and drop. Your design will be ready as per the customizations that you need. There’s a resource library for you that helps you gain access to photos, fonts, design components, and whatnot.



Simplified offers the users the following features:

  • This tool is the magic of artificial intelligence. The premium templates can help your business become a brand asset. This collaborative design tool removes the unwanted background from pictures, creates interesting animations, and resizes the images as needed. The user can do this with a single click.
  • The user has the advantage of in-app publishing and scheduling. The tool helps the user to create and publish an array of marketing content with the help of a single and reliable platform.
  • There’s no need to export and download the files with Simplified. You can create and take them to your social media pages and platforms.


  • The AI Copywriter helps the user to create quick and compelling content.
  • Your Instagram caption game is all set to change with this tool.
  • From rewriting to improvement, you can do what you need. Creating content and images from scratch is tedious and consuming. This tool helps you sail through like a pro. There’s no need for you to sit blank and stare at your home screen for hours now.
  • You can use this tool for better team engagement, as well.


  • You can use this tool and share it with your team so that they can comment, tag, and help with their ideas. If you work with more than a single team, you can create separate workspaces for different projects and organize them better.

Plans and Pricing

The AI-powered design editor is available in 3 pricing plans namely License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. These are available at a one-time purchase of $79, $159, and $299 respectively. The user gets 1 editor seat, 3, and 6 in each of them. But, all the 3 plans come inclusive of the unlimited guests for collaborations. The total GB storage for each of them is 25 GB, 75 GB, and 150 GB.

The deal offers lifetime access to the tool and includes all the future expansions and updates. Activation within 60 days from the buying date is important. The money-back guarantee period stands for 60 days. The plans include the following features:

  • Customized fonts, free icons and graphics, and ability to export images in PNG, SVG, and JPG.
  • Uploading assets and unlimited folders
  • Magic resizing
  • Cations, editing, animation, and 5-minute video duration and exports
  • Sharing preview links with teams and working in real-time.


Simplified is an all-in-one digital design platform that generates various types of marketing posts and ideas. The steps to use the tool are easy and the result generation is within seconds. The user can use this across search engines, product descriptions, blogs, etc. The business has great engagement in-store.

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  • Simplified is an AI-powered design editor that helps the user gain access to millions of photos and designs. The user can also view and design video templates, fonts, and icons, for increased visibility. The customizations are easy to catch the interest of the potential customers.
  • This tool functions as an excellent alternate to Canva, Copy AI, and Adobe Spark.
  • This tool helps the user with more than 25 AI copywriting templates for ads.
  • The tool promises results for blogs, websites, and bios in less than 10 seconds.
  • This is a great pick for content marketers, creators, innovators, and production teams.
  • Simplified increases the real-time collaborations and increases the publishing speed.
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