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Quick Overview

  • Sitejet is a superior quality website development tool that has inbuilt project management. It also helps in creating a client database and makes the communication process easier.
  • Web designers, production agencies, freelancers, and professionals are popularly using Sitejet for managing their projects and creating web pages.
  • It is a highly advanced and flexible web builder that allows you to customize your web designs. You can choose from the vast variety of templates available on Sitejet, or you can design it on your own, or you can use the drag and drop editor to create an operative template in just a few clicks.
  • You can put all the administrative and managerial tasks of your project on autopilot mode. Eventually, it will improve efficiency as it will save a lot of time and effort and things will happen in an organized way.
  • It reduces the need to manage every small piece of work as it has an inbuilt ticket system and to-do list manager. It helps in completing all the work well in time.
  • All the clients get their portal where they can fill in a pre-design questioner and upload their data and designs. They can also give feedback and make changes by using the on-page feedback tool.

Sitejet Lifetime Deal

Sitejet is a website that helps in developing web pages and managing your projects. It also has a content management system that also you to edit your web pages in real-time. Sitejets’s visual editor makes editing easy and fast as you do not need any professional help or coding for it. You can simply upload your data and images on Sitejet. It enables you to crop, resize, rotate, and adjust your images. It does not drop off the quality of the image before you use them in your templates or web pages.

Sitejet enables you to establish an e-commerce platform with your website. You can do it by using your original designs or through the drag and drop feature available on Sitejet. You can add a virtual store with a shopping cart and update your product lists, manage the checkout process, and the price range as per the need.

What is Sitejet?

Sitejet is an all-in-one web design platform that helps you in building websites, managing projects, as well as maintains customer relationships. It helps in developing creative and effective websites with help of automation, templates, and shortcuts which are as per the specifications given by the customers.


The in-built project management feature increases productivity. You can monitor all your clients and their related projects on the dashboard itself. It wards off the continuous need to check the status of each assignment personally.

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Features of Sitejet

  • Sitejet is a website builder for designers that allows you to look at your website on a preview mode on all the gadgets before you finally decide to upload it. It makes sure that the final layout looks pristine.
  • There are many additional keyboard shortcuts on Sitejet that will make the website building process effortless and less time-consuming.
  • It helps in Contact data management as you can manage the contact information on your website with just a few clicks. You can upload, update, and save your contact information on the header and footnote of every web page of your website.

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  • All the websites reinforce the multi-language support settings. This makes sure that your website has a wide reach across the globe.
  • It helps in screening and checking the mistakes with the help of revision tools. This reduces the chances of missing or overlooking the mistakes.

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  • It gives constant suggestions on how you can improve your web page. It recommends designs, layouts, and code blocks from a wide range.


Sitejet is an all-in-one web design platform that allows you to create an aesthetic website with the help of several tools. You can also imitate and use the information from your other social media handles on your website. It also enables you to monitor the progress of each of your projects before finalizing them.

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  • Sitejet is an automatic website generator that allows you to select from 140+ pre-built templates and design samples that are completely customizable.
  • The websites are compatible with all the devices. They are easy to use and create a response on all gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.
  • It enables you to integrate an e-commerce platform with your website. You can plug in the online paying portals to your website with just one click.
  • It allows you to set up a blog spot for the daily updating of articles.
  • It has in-built analytical tools that help in examining what all projects are doing well and where they need improvement.
  • By using Sitejet you can maintain web hosting and domain at an economical price no matter how many webpages you run.
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