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Quick Overview

  • Slazzer is a picture editing app that allows you to remove image background automatically without any technical assistance.
  • You need not put in any manual labor to edit or remove the background. You can do it simply by uploading the picture on Slazzer and it automatically removes the background without any clicks and that too in a very little time.
  • The process of uploading the picture is child’s play. Slazzer allows you to do so by using its ‘upload image’ button or you can also use the drag and drop down option to add the image that you want to edit.
  • Slazzer not only enables you to remove the background but also assists you in adding new creative and aesthetic backgrounds to an existing picture.
  • Web content creators, graphic designers, digital marketing firms, photographers, are popularly using Slazzer. E-commerce websites are also making use of this effective tool.

What is Slazzer?

Slazzer Lifetime Deal, this is a web-based service through which we can make background change online. The otherwise tedious process of cropping and editing the images has become simpler with this perfectly amazing tool. It provides you with sharp HD quality clean images and it supports up to the 25-megapixel resolution of the cut-outs. You can also avail its web application for multiple image processing. Its web application is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

It provides you with an editor that will assist you in adding color, text, logos, watermarks, etc, to your cut-outs. You can also custom the background by replacing it with the image of your choice. It makes use of machine learning algorithms to identify and remove (or replace) the background of any image in less than 5 seconds.


Features of Slazzer

  • Not just your personal photos, it allows you to edit the background of your digital campaign advertisements and other web content. It also allows you to add text, logo, watermarks, and colors to your images. Numerous photographers, news & media Broadcasters, car dealers, and developers are popularly using Slazzer.


  • You do not need to hire a professional graphic designer to remove the background of your images. Slazzer is an auto background removal platform. Anyone with little or no technical know-how of designing can use it with ease, thus, it saves a lot of time, money, and labor on your part.
  • Slazzer is flexible and fast. It provides you with various built-in plugins with numerous designing tools, applications, programs, and e-commerce platforms.


  • Slazzer makes editing easy as it enables you to remove image background automatically and instantly. It is 100% free and automated. It will quickly remove or replace the unwanted background. You can add solid colors to the background or add any other picture of your choice.


With the help of Slazzer, removing the background of an image has become such an easy task. The web content creators need not use any green screen to click perfect shots. You can click a picture in front of any background and upload it on Slazzer to get the best transparent cut-out.


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  • Slazzer is efficient background removal software that allows you to remove or replace the background of a picture in no time without using any complex editing tools and software. You do not need to cut and crop the picture manually to make its background transparent or change it altogether.
  • It uses advance Artificial intelligence algorithms for this operation. In the blink of an eye, it automatically separates the background pixels from the foreground pixels. The image does not pixelate and you get a sharp and clean image with a transparent background.
  • It also allows you to add a custom-made background to the image. You can replace it with other aesthetic options available to you on the website. You can also pour in some colors to make it look appealing.
  • Slazzer provides you with labor-saving desktop applications for Windows, Mac IOS, and Linux. The application allows you to process multiple images at a single point in time.
  • The API access feature enables you to easily integrate Slazzer with any third-party web page or application. This increases your efficiency and productivity.
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