SlyText Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • slyText is an online text messaging service that increases the degree of valuable communication with customers. This tool promises quick communication in real-time with the help of web-based text messaging.
  • Text messaging is vintage yet tops the preference charts for communication. It is better to add a personal touch to the web communication portal and maintain constant touch.
  • Any person residing in the US and Canada can opt for two-way communication with the help of this application. Audios, videos, and messages are possible with the help of this application for the customers.
  • The user can send both SMS and MMS messages to the target users and maintain a comfortable and convenient communication degree.

SlyText Lifetime Deal

What is slyText

Gone are the days to use outdated communication channels. slyText is a new and fresh way to reach and communicate with potential customers. slyText is a web-based text messaging service that pushes you to establish and maintain a great customer equation and render support. The business world uses many artificial intelligence-powered tools but this tool does not let you miss the beat.

Also, this tool helps to create a great impression of yours. You can ask your customers to select the ‘stop’ button. This will result in unsubscribing the marketing messages that they receive. There will be an automated response message. It will act as a confirmation to stop the web-based conversations.

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  • This tool establishes chances of personal communication with customers. This way the customers will find reasons to reach back to you at the time of need.
  • This tool allows you to use sation and communication schedules.

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  • You can also use the contact number to receive replies apart from the generic concept of texting. Your chosen contact will act as the source for seamless communication. It will let you have a better hand at understanding customers’ needs and expectations.
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  • You can forward any calls to your main account or the tool’s contact number. The delivery is not a matter of concern because any of the mobile carriers will work great with this online texting service.

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  • This tool helps you to send the desired messages, audios, or visuals from one person to thousand individuals. You can use your account to read the replies and answer the web responses, as well.
  • This tool’s design works well with all kinds of mobile carriers.


Plans and Pricing

slyText is a web-based multimedia messaging service that is available as License Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. These are available at a one-time buy of $49, $99, and $199 respectively. But, the difference is that in these packages, you get 1,000, 3,000, and 8,000 messages respectively.


These plans include the following features:

  • Multimedia texting and call forwarding
  • Message scheduling and smart reply feature
  • Data analytics and an unlimited contact list for a single user account
  • Tracking the campaigns on dashboards
  • Easy opt-out option for the existing customers
  • Zapier integrations and much more
  • The deal provides you the following:
  • Lifetime access
  • All plans and updates
  • Upgradation and downgrading ability
  • Available for new users only

However, make sure that you have a phone number for efficient use of the tool. Also, try to redeem the deal within 60 days from the buying date. If you wish to stop, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.



SlyText is a great online messaging tool that fixes the right way of marketing amongst your customers and target audience. The smart texting and reply features of this tool have beneficial things in store for the users and marketers.

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  • slyText acts like a perfect alternative to texting applications like EZ Texting. This application makes sure that the business owners have real and reliable business leads and customers.
  • This tool is the best for the marketing teams to keep in touch with the target customers. This tool works well for customer support representatives also who are on the lookout for new and interesting ways to build conversations and customer equations. Also, using this tool offers the possibility of a high degree of customer support.
  • This tool enables you to choose any slyText contact number within the premises of your area code preference. You can bring your landline or VoIP number, as well.
  • slyText is a web-based platform that enables a proper flow of MMS and SMS.
  • Marketing communications have an important role in business promotions and expanding the organic customer base. So, it is important to make clear communications in the form of both audio and visuals which is possible with this tool.
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