Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Smart Quiz Builder is the most powerful customizable quiz and survey plugin.
  • Smart quiz builder creates a wide variety of quizzes, quiz funnels, and surveys with branching logic.
  • Marketers understand their customer’s feedback through captivating targeted quizzes built by Smart Quiz Builder.

Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal

What is Smart Quiz Builder:-

As a marketer, you probably try to figure out what your customers think about your product and services. You cannot just make wild guesses. You have to make use of the best tools to do that.

Smart Quiz Builder is one of the most effective tools to design quiz funnels and surveys to generate leads, segment your audience and advise the right products and resources to possibilities. Quizzes help you to go beyond generic marketing. When you build quizzes using Smart Quiz Builder, customers spend more time on your site. You can collect relevant data about your potential users.


              Important features of Smart Quiz Builder are:

  • Smart quiz builder allows you to segment, tag, and deliver highly customized services. You can fulfill your business needs as they tailor to your pain points.
  • Smart quiz builder is a super intuitive platform. You can build quizzes easily within a few minutes. You can even convert any type of content into a quiz funnel.

Smart Quiz Builder 1

  • Smart Quiz Builder is designed aesthetically. There are a lot of templates and designs you can use to make the quiz funnel attractive.
  • First, select the quiz type and choose a template. Then connect the quiz to your email and follow the steps in the tool. It will help you to create a user-friendly quiz funnel.

Smart Quiz Builder 2

  • It offers different types of question patterns. You can use multiple-choice, yes/no, true/false rating scales. The platform adds the questions in smart branching logic utilizing the platform’s unique and visual funnel builder.
  • Smart Quiz Builder offers numerous customizable options. Choose the suitable option of how your quizzes will appear on the page. This may be in-page, pop-ups, or popovers. This will help you to make the best user-friendly, optimized quizzes and surveys.
  • You can also put your custom branding and styles into the quizzes. The best part is that you can even use GIFs, emojis, and images in your quiz funnels.
  • It allows you to track the results and performances of quizzes on the dashboard. You can count the total number of users and their choices consecutively.
  • Smart Quiz Builder incorporates other leading marketing automation and email platforms. It fits easily into your prevailing lead patterns.

Smart Quiz Builder 3

  • Many users use mobile phones. Smart Quiz Builder allows customers to give feedback from their mobile phones. It also connects your Facebook pixel. Users can share their quiz results on social media sites.
  • Smart quiz builder is a WordPress plugin. There is an embed code feature. You can publish your quizzes and so many ways anywhere using those code features.
  • This all helps in nurturing your needs more effectively and efficiently. You can understand clearly the needs and choices of customers after getting their feedback from quizzes. You can send them a fully customized and personalized outcomes screen, or you can redirect them to a product or page recommendation based on their results.

Plans and Pricing:-

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  • You can get a lifetime access plan to use the Smart Quiz Builder tool.
  • Remember, you have to redeem your codes within 60 days of purchase.
  • Update with all future agency plans.
  • Stack up to two codes.
  • There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee plan, whatever the reason is.

Features Included in All Plans:-

  • You can take any type of quiz. You can create personality assessments and scoring tools.
  • All questions types.
  • Email and marketing platform integrations.
  • Quiz funnels and branching logic
  • Advanced customizer.
  • Personalized quizzes
  • Cool animations.
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Social share buttons
  • Student and admin email notifications
  • Category-level calculations
  • Mobile-view customizer
  • Pre-built quizzes
  • Embed code.

One-time purchase of single toll costs is around $59.00. You will get all the included features. But you can access only ten websites. One-time purchase of a double tool cost around $118.00. You can access only 50 websites. One-time purchase of multiple tools costs around $177.00. you can access all templates and unlimited websites.

Conclusion:- In summary, customer feedback is always very important for improvement in the business. So try to create a bridge between you and your customers with interactive quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder.

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  • This is the most effective user-friendly quiz builder available in the market. You can generate leads and tailor your content with an easy-to-build quiz funnel system.
  • There are other alternatives for quiz building- such as Typeform, Tryinteract, and Thrive Quiz Builder. But Smart Quiz Builder is the best option.
  • You can convert static content into dynamic interactive quizzes within minutes by using Smart Quiz Builder.
  • Smart Quiz Builder enables multiple-choice, true-false, yes/no, and fill-in-blank answers in the quidditch final. You can also enter new answers in the fields if necessary.
  • Surveys will give you access to understanding customers’ needs and choices. You can capitalize on your brand using that information.
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