SOUNDRAW Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator that uses an innovative composition tool to create music.
  • It can help in generating original music for your upcoming project and bring uniqueness. It will help you in standing out among your peers.
  • The easily customizable sound creator has the feature of changing the length, structure, instrument, and beats as per the theme or mood of your project.
  • It provides high-quality tracks which are easily editable and hustle-free downloadable features on multiple devices.
  • SOUNDRAW has pricing and plans which are suitable to the requirement. The user can get a free version, and after gaining confidence can buy either monthly or annual payment plans.

SOUNDRAW Lifetime Deal

On the internet, you can only ‘search’ for music and it is difficult to find the appropriate background music for your Youtube videos, advertisement, or podcast. In addition, the search for the best music is time-consuming and a long process. To minimize this struggle, SOUNDRAW can be used in creating your rhythm and becoming a music producer from being a music consumer.


SOUNDRAW is a music compositor that has AI Music Generator which uses software that assists creators to generate original music, Royalty-free music, and has features that help in easy customization of length, composition, instruments, and tempo of the music. Here, you can easily choose a theme, a mood, and genre as per your requirement


How does AI in SOUNDRAW help in creating unique music?

The AI system has an innovative composition tool that helps in creating high-quality music. As it combines a large number of musical instruments and melody, the probability of creating a song with the same combination has less possibility. The sounds created are unlikely to match with someone else because the composition is as per the music composer’s persona and requirement.
Here the music can be further customized by changing the structure, instrument, and length.


As the music industry has seen changes for centuries and now the technology has evolved so much that an AI can help in developing unique music. Here are the best and incomparable features that SOUNDRAW comprises.

  • Customize AI-generated music- For developing the best background music for your project the composer must have complete independence in choosing the specific instruments, changing the length, and theme of the music. SOUNDRAW uses AI Music Generator that offers such a feature, wherein you can easily generate music and create sounds as per the project.
  • Royalty-free music– SOUNDRAW gives you royalty-free music which means the recorded or downloaded music is licensed to users. You can seamlessly add without any hustle the unique music or song to any multimedia platform. This license covers the complete free use of rearranged tracks.
  • Original tracks- If you are an individual who is particular about the background music or sound in the videos or podcast, SOUNDRAW can help you in creating such euphony which brings uniqueness to your music. The use of pirated music is high, SOUNDRAW is an innovative composer tool that generates original music.
  • High-quality soundtracks- The quality of sound used by the AI music generator is high in terms of the accuracy, audibility, or intelligibility of the composer. the music composer can easily differentiate among the instruments played, frequency, and occurrence in the sound. The sound experience should be premium for your audience.


  • Choose among the best – After selecting the theme for your background music, a list of the 15 best unique sounds appears on the dashboard. You can select the most suitable music and further make changes in its composition.
  • Who can use it?- Anyone who wants to create freely customized background music. Video creators, podcasters, and game developers who need one-of-a-kind musical tracks.
  • Modify the composition- SOUNDRAW gives you the option to revise and edit the music tracks. It has a URL feature that lets you quickly share in-progress tracks with your clients and your team. For this, you are required to save the incomplete track in the ‘’keep’’ option of the tool.


  • Easily download and share- You can download the track in standard audio WAV file format and use it in the Google Chrome browser. Anyone in your team irrespective of the browser can access the tracks. A tech Savvy can use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This plugin helps in utilizing all the SOUNDRAW features in alternative applications. Integration of SOUNDRAW into Adobe programs creates seamlessly edited, cohesive, and advanced quality content.


To create high-quality content, uniqueness and a good experience are paramount. In assisting you for the same cause this AI-powered music generator is requisite. The unique music for a project is just one step ahead. Bring back your love for creating music the way you create your content and deliver outstanding projects in your name.
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  • SOUNDRAW contains a customizable AI music generator, which can create sound or music as per the requirement of your audio or video project.
  • Unique and original music generator which gives an incomparable feature to your project.
  • Offers royalty-free music, which is the most crucial feature of SOUNDRAW.
  • Assists you in finding the best music by providing a list of 15 sounds as per your theme or mood. These soundtracks can be revised easily.
  • SOUNDRAW uses an innovative composition tool that combines various musical instruments, lengths, and structures of the sound and generates original and impressive music.
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