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Quick Overview

  • Spayee is a White-labeled platform that enables you to create and launch your characteristic course website and relating mobile applications. You do not need to learn to code or acquire any professional help as Spayee provides you an effortless no-code platform to do the same.
  • Trainers and teachers are popularly using this tool to build effective and influential courses without any technical help. Content creators and influencers are also utilizing it to make impactful mobile applications.
  • It allows you to launch your own branded website where you can easily create and sell your informational courses. You can also generate convincing landing pages on Spayee.
  • It also allows you to integrate payment gateways with your web pages so that it becomes easier for the viewers to pay.
  • You can engage with your audience with the help of e-mails, unlimited messaging, and various push alerts.
  • Spayee also allows you to manage and organize your blog posts, the frequency of posts, promotional codes, and other affiliates.

Spayee Lifetime Deal

Spayee is a tool that assists you to Create and Sell Online Courses. It helps you in creating a website and mobile application relating to your course. You can also build beautiful and responsive landing pages where you can insert survey forms, video clippings, and CTA buttons to get a response out of the visitors.

You can create communities or groups by using e-mails, messaging, and push notifications. Here numerous students can interact and form bonds with each other. Spayee allows you to create blog posts by making use of its marketing tools. This enables you to make your content more engaging. You can offer referral and promotional codes or add affiliates to capture a large market share.

What is spayee?

Spayee allows you to Create and Sell Online Courses that are customizable. It provides you complete multi-lingual support so that you can localize your course and its content. It allows you to integrate payment gateways into your courses so that it becomes easy to accept one-time payments or devise payment plans.


If you want to check the speed of grasping the lessons and the level of understanding of your students then you can check their assignment progress through real-time analytics. You can also track and monitor payment transactions and sales analytics. It also provides you with built-in integration for applications such as YouTube, Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook Pixels, Zoho CRM, and others.

Features of Spayee

  • Spayee allows you to create online courses without any coding. You can simply use the drag and drop option to design the course by utilizing your web content.
  • Spayee ensures the security and privacy of your data. You can encrypt your content and its delivery, restrict user logins and also prevent screen recordings.
  • With the help of Spayee you can create and launch your personalized mobile application. The user interface of the applications is hassle-free as these applications are compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • It enables you to manage your sales and payments. You can integrate international as well as local payment gateways. You can also handle bills, various invoices, and taxes on this platform.


  • Spayee, being a Multimedia Course Platform, allows you to create blogs using videos, audios, voiceovers, documents, etc. by implement SEO you can capture a larger market share.
  • You can bring all your content, your online courses, and students together in various communities. These groups or communities can be private as well as specific to a course or students.


Spayee is a comprehensive tool that might come in handy if you are planning to create and launch your personal branded online courses, websites, and mobile application. It is a white-labeled platform, thus you can configure your domain with it.

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  • Spayee is a Multimedia Course Platform that enables you to create courses that comprise multimedia content such as audio, video clips and tutorials, voiceovers, PDF documents, test series and assignments, quizzes, live sessions, webinars, podcasts, and many more.
  • If you do not wish to upload all your content in a single go then with Spayee’s help you can drop it in bits and pieces as it enables you to automate the upload and relating notifications.
  • You can provide various kinds of courses to your trainees. These are, namely, self-paced courses where students can choose when and how they learn, instructor-led courses where instructors deliver lessons through live sessions, offline courses where you provide offline study material, and certification programs.
  • Spayee provides you with numerous aesthetic pre-built themes and templates that make the process of website building a piece of cake. You can also customize the themes as per your need.
  • It is a White-labeled platform, that is, it allows you to run your course under your domain eliminating any scope of confusion for the trainees.
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