SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • SpeedPPC is a PPC ad creation and management tool that allows you to run several campaigns simultaneously.
  • With SpeedPPC, you can build high target ads for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and upcoming ad platforms.
  • SpeedPPC keyword research helps you find the best keywords to draw maximum viewer attention to your ads.
  • Using SpeedPPC, keep an eye on your competitors to find the most relevant and high-performing keywords.
  • SpeedPPC offers four different ad campaign types, namely single keyword, paired, thematic, and domain.

SpeedPPC Lifetime Deal

The success of any business is dependent on many vital factors. Marketing is among the essential component that plays a massive role in promoting your products and services. But the biggest dilemma for any business owner or marketing agency is to find a healthy balance between the different digital advertising strategies.

PPC is an effective technique that helps you garner the deserved attention towards your business. But we know what you might be thinking. The process of creating and managing is often expensive and complicated. Well, we have the perfect PPC creation and Keyword Research Tool that offers a comprehensive solution for all your needs. Meet SpeedPPC, the ultimate PPC management tool to help you achieve high conversion rates.

What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC is a PPC Campaign Builder tool that helps you create effective ad campaigns to reach your target audience with minimal effort. Now create attractive ads for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, along any future ad platforms. With SpeedPPC, choose from four different ad campaigns, single keyword ad group, paired, thematic, and domain. Using this PPC management tool, you can now create an ad set based on your preferences and save it for future campaigns. Now create high-converting PPC ad campaigns, share them with your team for feedback and preview them before making them live. The keyword research tab helps you find relevant keywords, enabling you to create effective ad campaigns surrounding them.


Features of SpeedPPC

So far, you must have understood what SpeedPPC is and how this PPC creation and management software can help you create effective ad campaigns. It is time to go through the top features of this Keyword Research Tool to see how you can develop high converting ad campaigns:

Build high-converting ads for all your marketing campaigns:

With this PPC Campaign Builder, create visually stunning ad campaigns that will positively impact your conversion rates. So switch to SpeedPPc today and achieve more conversions and higher rankings for your business.


Create attracting ads for Google and Microsoft ads with SpeedPPC:

Using SpeedPPC, you can create ads for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads to reach a significant online audience. In addition to these, you can also create high-converting PPC ad campaigns for coming ad platforms.


Generate and save relevant keyword sets for all your campaigns:

With the Keyword Research Tools, you can now generate a comprehensive list of attractive keywords for your campaigns. Create a keyword set once and use it any time based on your campaign requirements.


Build targeted ads that match with audience preferred keywords:

Once you have created specific keyword sets for your ads, you can base your campaign around them. Using this PPC Campaign Builder, you can match your ad campaigns to align with your ad themes for stunning results.


Opt for Text Ads and Call-Only Ads to boost your engagement:

In addition to extended text ads, you have the freedom to choose text ads or call-only ads. Add these to your plan for developing a high-converting PPC ad campaign that will offer you high audience engagement.


Always stay in the loop about your competitor’s ad campaigns:

With SpeedPPC, you can create highly engaging ads using the Keyword Research Tools along with constantly observing your competitors. Now you can review their keywords, ad campaigns, and more to learn about audience behavior.



We hope that you have found an efficient PPC Campaign Builder that will help build high-converting ad campaigns. With SpeedPPC, you can create high converting ad campaigns for Google and Microsoft. You can pick between four different campaign types based on your requirements with matching keywords lists.

Now build high-converting PPC ad campaigns and share them with your team members by allowing them sub-user access. Using SpeedPPC, you can constantly watch out for your competitors and review their keywords, ad campaigns, and performance. So, if you are looking for a simplified way to save your PPC costs, boost your conversion rate, and improve your ranking get SpeedPPC now!

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  • In addition to Google and Microsoft, get access to all upcoming ad platforms.
  • Now you can share your campaigns with others for effortless collaborations.
  • Find bid and negative keywords that will add value to all your ad campaigns.
  • Create a unique URL for every landing page, enabling performance tracking.
  • With SpeedPPC, you can save any ad sets and use them again in the future.
  • After the free trial, choose from three different plan options based on your needs.
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