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Quick Overview

  • Spoke lets us you record videos, conferences, and meeting with unlimited sharing and editing options.
  • The video editor allows you to edit directly recorded videos or imports from your computer.
  • Spoked also accurately transcribes all your videos in up to 78 different languages with more than 90% accuracy.
  • Video editing gives you an option to highlight important text in your transcript for easy access.
  • Edit small clips of your meetings and effortlessly share them with your team or on social media.

Spoke Lifetime Deal

Taking notes during a meeting is nothing new for us. With video conferencing, we have switched to noting timestamps for future reference. But this is a task that can often distract us from being fully present at the moment. To solve this problem, many people have the habit of recording their video meetings and conferences.

For this, you need a reliable video recording tool that captures the screen recording with an editing option. But going for your devices screen recording app will do you more bad than good. That’s why today, we will share one software that not just records your meetings but give you tons of editing and sharing options.

What is Spoke? 

Spoke is an application that enables video recording, transcribing, editing and sharing of your videos. This comprehensive video tool has loads of exciting features that make the whole process of capturing, editing and sharing a child’s play. The video marketing tool has an AI technology that adds transcript to all your videos with more than 90 per cent efficiency. Spoke supports more than 75 different languages ensure that you never spend a minute manually writing subtitles for your videos.

Features of Spoke

Now that we have explained what Spoke is, it’s time to go over some of the features of this incredible video editing tool. By availing of this app, you will enjoy all of the below-mentioned features:

Record videos from your meetings:

Spoke enables you to record all your meetings and conferences with ease. The video recording tool will capture anything on your screen, whether it’s a three-hour meeting or a visual presentation. 

spoke record video

Add transcripts to all your videos: 

Along with capturing videos, you also get the option to add transcript or subtitles to your videos. The automatic transcript generator will save your time with high accuracy and enables multiple languages.

Create short bites from a lengthy video: 

With Spoke, you can also cut out small sections from a long video. The video editing tool even has an option to merge or split your videos. It will save a lot of your time and make you more productive.

Highlight important parts of the transcript: 

Along with creating an automated report, it will also highlight the principal points in the transcript. This video marketing tool gives you the option to change the highlights according to your preference.

Import videos from any device or platform: 

Using spoke, you can edit and share not just recorded but also imported videos. This video editing tool allows you to upload and edit videos from any website to your dashboard.

Search moments of videos using transcript:

If you are looking for a specific moment in your video, you can easily find it with Spoke without watching the entire video. Just perform a search for the word or phrase and find the exact part of the video.

Effortlessly share your videos with anyone: 

Spoke is a video marketing tool that allows you to share your videos in multiple ways. After editing, you can either share them with your coworkers or upload them on any social media platform.


If you are looking for an all-inclusive video recording, editing, and sharing tool, you can’t go wrong with Spoke. With this video recording tool, you can record your meetings and conferences but add a transcript and edit them. Spoke has impressive video editing features with the option to share all your videos. Start recording and transcribing all your videos with Spoke.


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  • Spoke is compatible with all major video conferencing apps like Zoom, Hangouts, etc.
  • Create video summaries of all your recording with an easy to use edit option.
  • Highlight the essential parts of your videos with the Highlight Moment feature. 
  • Find specific moments of your videos by searching the transcript. 
  • Create small clips from your long meeting recording and easily share them.
  • You can transcript your videos in more than 70 languages with 90% accuracy. 
  • Share all your edited videos on any platform including, all social media platform. 
  • Available in four different plan options for entrepreneurs and businesses.
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